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'Cat Talk' With Nyrone Persuad




Success is a key factor in making or breaking an individual. If you get too much of it and you can’t handle it, then it is a problem, if you don’t get it and still try hard that can be a problem too.  Success comes with the effort of a special coach; they can be our parents, our friends, or just our manager at work.  They say behind the success of man there is a woman. I have not heard anyone ever say that behind the success of a many men and women there is a man.

In my previous columns I have mentioned about the artists and their achievements but as you know an artist cannot rise without the assistance of a capable balanced manager who drives the ambition of the artist to fly high by his hard work and PR skills. I am pleased to write about someone who has played a very vital role in the music industry and who has changed the lives of many artists and is consistently striving to make his artists grow and bear the fruit of ultimate success.

His contribution has been immense and his dedication has won him a lot of admiration and accolades from his peers, singers, artists and the media fraternity The achievements of a very intelligent, music mogul, down to earth and a very humble man Nyrone Persuad are far too many to be mentioned in few words, however I’ll still make an effort to write concisely about the “Special Manager”

I met Nyrone during the launch night of a Bollywood movie and my first impression was definitely the right impression about him as he has always maintained consistently being a very polite and humble in our meetings at different social events. The road of success and hard work for him has been on a constant motion which has been on the roll for the last 20 years.

Nyrone has seen, and achieved a lot during these years and is always on the ‘go’ working on various projects along with various artists. It was not a surprise for me to know that he has been responsible for the success and singing careers of many artists. He is Best known for being Raghav’s Manager and the best moment in his life was when he saw Raghav singing at top of the pops.

He has worked with likes of Maxi Priest, Snap, Sinitta, Sly & Robbie and his up and coming projects are with, Navin Kundra, Mona Singh, Bobby Moon, Preeya Kalidas and Alexander amongst many others.



Nyrone started in the music industry with two friends at college and formed the band Black Slate. He played percussion as part of the five piece band. They released a single called "Amigos" which got into the Top 10 in the 80s. Since then Nyrone's career has been nothing but successful. He then started his own independent promotion management company called N1 MANAGEMENT as he wanted to be behind the scenes. Nyrone is the UK representative for producers Sly & Robbie and Juliet Roberts from the House scene. He also worked with Stargate and the Architects.

On a personal front he is single ready to mingle and lives alone in a beautiful house in North of London. He is always spotting good talent and if you think the desire is burning inside you but you don’t know which direction to take, this is your chance to be successful with the guidance of a very successful man.

(To contact Nyrone you can write to him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

“Just to give you an idea on how chilled out and relaxed he is, read his answers to the rapid fire questions below, you will love them!” 


Place of Birth...................Guyana South America

Date of Birth....................27/02…that’s all you’re getting

My Favourite Bedroom Line ...........will let you know that once you’re there (: 

I love sleeping around nice hotels 
Sex to me a journey. 

If I was not human I will be which animal?..........a bird. That would save me a lot on travel and my luggage wont get lost 
Embarrassment to me is.............laughing at a joke that no one else finds funny.

I take a shower without clothes because...................... they may run and change my colour. And I love my skin colour 

I am proud of son, and all the artist’s with whom I’ve worked with and have been successful and the one who will become successful. 
I, peace and sunshine  

I hate…………….violence and racism

My voice is like....................a cat in pain

I would one day like to be……just the same as I am now

“I am going to leave you to explore your talent and listen to your andar kee awaaz till next week. Chao Babies, be good! See you next week