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Catching up with Harrdy Sandhu, Gurj Sidhu, Gippy Grewal at the Punjabi Film Awards

Birmingham made history on Saturday 12th May by hosting the biggest Punjabi awards ceremony, which took place in the UK for the first time, SImplyBhangra's Rupinder Rainer was there and caught up with Harrdy Sandhu, Gurj Sidhu and Gippy Grewal.


Harrdy Sandhu at the Punjabi Film Awards

Young singer and actor Harrdy Sandhu was in Birmingham on Saturday 12th May for the Brit Asia Punjabi Film Awards. Rupinder had a quick catch up with Harrdy at the red carpet event!

How do you feel being at the Punjabi Film Awards?

I'm pretty much excited and it's my first time I will be performing for Brit Asia. It is my third time here in the UK. I was in UK for a month in 2015 when I shot for the film 'Mahi NRI.' So really looking forward to this event.

You have released many successful tracks such as 'Naah' and also your videos are very unique. Who comes up with these ideas?

It is all a team effort. Me and Arvindr Khaira, who directs my videos, we have been working from day one, from the day I started my career. He knows what I want and we also sit together and discuss any areas we do not agree with or would like to improve before agreeing on a concept.

Would you like to go into a different field besides singing?

I would love to act. Right now, I am waiting for the right script to come to me, a script which sounds good and interesting.

What do you have lined up for us in the near future?

I have been working on a couple of songs which are about 70% to 80% complete. But going to take a short break for about 20 days to go to Australia because my family live there.

Gurj Sidhu at the Punjabi Film Awards

Gurj Sidhu was in Birmingham on Saturday 12th May for the Brit Asia Punjabi Film Awards. Rupinder had a quick catch up with Gurj at the red carpet event!

You recently released 'Dil Yaaran De,’ how do you feel about the response you received from the audience?

It’s been absolutely awesome! Being straight up with you guys there no promotion or team behind this. It's literally just good music with a visual and within 48hours hit over a million views. We are the first NRI act to hit the mainstream charts in India at the highest ranking this year at no.4. We can’t ask for anything more and want to say a big thank you to everyone.

You have worked a lot with Kaos Production. Why do you work with them the most?

I work with a lot of artists, but with Kaos Production I feel as a producer I ‘jam’ with Kaos the most. So, I definitely think that what we do together genuinely is something different and our minds work very similar. There is definitely more to come from the Kaos and Gurj Sidhu team along with my second album.

Second album? When will you be releasing this? Will it be this year?

Very soon! Of course it will be this year, of course it will be!

Gippy Grewal at the Punjabi Film Awards

Actor and singer Gippy Grewal was in Birmingham on Saturday 12th May for the Brit Asia Punjabi Film Awards.

‘It feels great being part of the Punjabi Film Awards! I am so happy because before there used to be so many awards in Punjab and now here in the UK. I hope to come here every year to an event which has been well organised as this. I have been travelling a lot and have just come straight from the airport because I had a show.’

Gippy casted in the Punjabi film ‘Manje Bistre’ which received many awards on the night including the ‘Best Film’ award.

On 1st June he will be releasing his next film ‘Carry on Jatta 2’ which many fans are looking forward to seeing. The film will have the same cast as ‘Carry On Jatta’.

In general, after the success of a movie actors think if they also cast in Part 2 will it be risky because there will be a lot of expectations. Will it ruin the image of the first film if the second one does not go as well? I asked Gippy what made him want to do Part 2?

‘Actually, the first film was such a huge success, I didn’t really want to make a Part 2. However everywhere I went people used to ask me when Part 2 will be releasing. This made me think and that’s when I decided to go ahead.

The film will be releasing on 1st June and will definitely make you laugh just like the first film and I hope you enjoy it!’

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