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Catching up with B Jay Randhawa

B Jay Randhawa has not been in the industry for very long as a singer and has already received the opportunity to work very closely with artists such as Sukh-e, Parmish Verma and JSL Singh.

His track entitled ‘Peg’ was a huge hit in 2017 as it reached high in the charts globally!

Rupinder got the opportunity to ask B Jay Randhawa about his success and what he will be doing in 2018!

‘Peg’ was a worldwide hit track for you last year. How do you feel about the response you received?

I consider myself fortunate enough that people love me even though it’s been a short while for me in this line. I am glad that people liked my song and will try my best to keep up with the expectations of my fans.

How was it working with Parmish Verma and also Guri and Sharry Mann who featured in the video?

It was fantastic... Parmish Verma is one of the finest video directors and working with him is itself a great victory. Guri and Sharry Mann are amazing people to work with. I got a chance to explore myself and learn a lot from them.

What can we look forward to from you this year?

This year I’ll release 6 new tracks and each track is of diffrent genre. I will put my whole hearted effort working on them so that those tracks win hearts of my fans.

What will make your 2018 bigger than 2017?

2018 is going to be huge for me as this year 6 tracks are on their way to be released. And i hope these will help me to establish myself as a singer in this industry.

Any plans to collaborate with any other artists this year?

Yeah my next track is in collaboration with Sukh-e... and this is my second track with him... i am sure that its gonna be a big hit!

With many more releases from the artist, lets see what other surprises B Jay has lined up for us throughout the year!

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