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Exclusive Interview with June Artist Of The Month, Jasmine Sandlas

jasmine sandlas interview

We start the month off with the June Artist Of The Month, Jasmine Sandlas, Jovan had the opportunity to chat with her about the industry

As we all know, the female Punjabi music industry is more talented then we have ever seen before. What better way to celebrate the females in our Punjabi music industry then getting in depth with them and hearing their opinions on the challenges they face on a daily basis and what they did to get to where they are in their careers.

We start the month off with the June Artist Of The Month, Jasmine Sandlas. Jasmine broke into the scene back in 2008 when she debuted her single 'Muskan' and thats when we first heard her vocal talent that she has. She has since had several tracks also featured in Bollywood films including 'Yaar Na Miley' which was in the 2014 film Kick, 'Ishq Da Sutta' in the film One Night Stand alongside the Meets Bros along with several others.
Jasmine's top tracks include 'Aaja Dance Floor Pe' which was done alongside Ramji Gulati and was a great dance floor anthem all around the world, 'Baddal' which she released with Canadian producer DJ Intense, and several new tracks with male artists. She released Chal Jindua with Ranjit Bawa which was basically a  remake of the classic track Jindua which was done by Hans Raj Hans.
She also worked with Garry Sandhu with the release of 'Laddu' which has taken the world by storm and then following that up with the track 'Bamb Jatt' with Amrit Maan. Her newest release is a solo Bhangra track titled 'Punjabi Mutiyaran' and it is a banger!
We cant wait to see what Jasmine has in store for us in the future as she has announced that she is planning on releasing an album this year along with a few Bollywood tracks.

What do you think has made you successful in the female Punjabi music industry?

From my very first song "Muskan", I've trusted my intuition when it comes to the music. I allowed myself freedom as an artist to create music exempt from boundaries and genres.

Why do you think the female music industry has become so big?

Personally I feel that this whole "I am a girl, my life is hard and the boys have it easier" cliche is too old now. I think eventually the talent and art prevails. I am so thrilled to see so many incredible artists who happen to be female. I dreamed of this day.

Do you think women are finally getting the same recognition male artists are?

I understand that the industry is male dominant. But so are most other career fields. I think it might have worked in my favor that I was alone in my lane. I've had my blinders on since day 1 and I haven't looked around to see who else is doing what.

Besides yourself, who is your favourite female artist at the moment and what is your favourite track?

Vocally I love Nooran Sisters, Q Balouch, Usha Uthup. From Punjab, Nimrat Khaira has a dope voice.

How would you describe yourself and the music you make? How successful has it made you?

My music changes sounds every few years. I started my career with RnB and evolved into an urban Hip Hop artist. I've written some catchy pop songs for Bollywood while simultaneously dropped some very personal ballads. So over the past decade, I've been taking artistic risks and pushing my comfort zone boundaries. I think that's the reason behind the longevity.

How did the industry being predominantly male affect your path? What are your thoughts on the inequalities and barriers females face?

It's a fact that women face inequalities and barriers. I personally don't like discussing this victim story. I do, however have a solution to this problem. All the women that are reading this right now,  understand that you have the potential and skills to accomplish your dreams.

"You have to know what you want and take steps to move towards your goals."

There will be people who try to hold you back, take credit for your success, sabotage your legacy bit remember what you're chasing and do not stop until you catch it. All the inequalities and barriers will not matter when you are done.

There are a lot of other female singers in the music industry. Do you ever feel that there's tension or negativity between yourself and the other female artists?

There is only love between me and the other female singers / actors. I believe that women should show respect and appreciation for one another. That is a big step towards women empowerment. I support my sisters and cheer for them. Together, let's make history.

Is there a sort of "competition feeling" amongst the female artists? What sets you apart from the rest?

There is no competition between me and another artist. I think it's great to be inspired and take from the artists you love. All artists are a combination of everyone they love. But when you start competing with other people, it brings about fear and insecurity and that doesn't serve the art.

What can we look forward to from you in the near future?

Ideally I'd like to drop LV Di Jean, Shikari, and Kayal before the summer is over. I am also gonna finish my album 3 this summer and hopefully release it in Fall. I would like to drop 5 Bollywood songs this year as well.

With all this music out, #TeamSandlas be ready for a concert of a lifetime. Catch Jasmine Sandlas in your city this fall.

You can watch the music video for Punjabi Mutiyaran below:

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