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Catching up with Gurj Sidhu on Sentimental Value


Rupinder catches up with Gurj Sidhu who talks about his latest release Sentimental Value featuring production by Kaos Productions, Tru-Skool, Tigerstyle, Atul Sharma, Aman Hayer & Snappy!  The album hit No 1 on the World itunes Chart and No. 39 in the Mainstream charts!

What made you name your album ‘Sentimental Value?’

Every song in this album has its own value. The album is sentimental to me because it’s been a mad journey for me from ups and downs and getting better vocally. There is a duet with Tigerstyle which was recorded some time ago. We kept the song that way to show my vocals when I was a younger.

The song is written by my teacher which he wrote 30 years ago and bringing it to the world is an honour. The album shows my journey from when I started music to after leaving school to now. Atul Sharma is the person who did Surjit Bindrakhia’s hits and for him to approach me was a big thing.

 What made you release an album and why has it taken this long?

I have been working on this album since I was 15. At that time it was about albums. For me an artist is someone that you can remember 20 years down the line because of their catalogue of songs. It has taken time because before the album was produced by certain producers however doors opened and I met new people. I also learnt how to do music myself by doing music tech at school.

I could have released the album when I was 16/17 but I wanted this album to cater for different audiences and making the songs special. I have played instruments in my own songs and composing takes time. I want to do my first album properly regardless of how long it’s going to take.

 What artists have you collaborated with?

Kaos Productions, Tru-Skool, Tigerstyle, Atul Sharma, Aman Hayer, Snappy and myself. Two songs feature the female artists Miss Pooja and Miraya. Miss Pooja’s track was done when she came to the UK and I was 16. Her vocals are amazing. It was crazy!

The time when we were recording her song ‘Patrol’ was a hit. That experience with her in the studio was just amazing and shocked that this happened!

 How many videos are there?

Nazareh, Putt Sardaran De, Patta Lagg Ju and Deep Obsession all have videos. The next video out now is the for the track  ‘Backyard.’  - WATCH VIDEO  I’m not going to say that’s my last video. I am going to see what the audience think.

 What did you enjoy the most whilst working on the album?

Performing and singing with a live band.

 Did you face any challenges?

Everything is a challenge. I’m quite hands on whether its videos, compositions, song lyrics etc. I always decided I wanted to be somewhere in life and for that to happen I have to work hard and if that means staying up at night then that’s what I will do.

 Do you prefer releasing an album or single?

Album anytime because you can show who you are as an artist. One song cannot prove who you are.

 What genres of songs have you included?

Punjabi pure folk, mixed with hip hop beats, romantic, acoustics, commercial tracks and more. I feel there’s something for everyone.

 How many tracks are there?

The album,  If you are buying the album there are 15 songs. On ITunes and Google Play there will be 11 songs.

Backyard (feat. Snappy) - WATCH VIDEO
Hounsla (feat. Atul Sharma)
Deep Obsession (feat. Kaos Productions)
Goriyeh (feat. Miss Pooja & Tigerstyle)
The Love Song (feat. Kaos Productions)
Jatt Da Lalkara (feat. Aman Hayer)
Mirza Flashback (feat. Kaos Productions)
Akhiyan Toh Door (feat. Tigerstyle)
Village Madness (feat. Kaos Productions)
Tere Vaadeh (feat. Miraya)
KK (feat. Kaos Productions)

 What do you have coming next?

There are a few collaborations which I cannot say a lot about yet and I have already started my 2nd album.

 What would you like to say to readers?

Thank you for continuously supporting me and its overwhelming that everyone is supporting us. Hope everyone enjoys the album and please can all my fans give me their feedback.

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