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Exclusive Interview with Neeru Bajwa on Sargi


Neeru Bajwa has acted in many films and has now directed her debut film ‘Sargi.’  Rupinder had the opportunity and spoke to the talented Neeru and asked her about the film and her experiences.

How was it directing your debut film ‘Sargi?’

It was an amazing experience but I am more nervous now than when I was just in acting because the whole film is up to the director so there is a huge responsibility on my shoulders.

 Did you ever think of going into directing?

In the back of my mind it was always there because there was a time where Punjabi films were not as great, especially the roles played by women. There were so many stories in my head that I wanted to tell. So yeh at the back of my mind it was there.

 When did you decide you wanted to go into directing?

It’s always been a dream. After we produced the film Channo, the encouragement and audience response from the film gave me a boost.

 What did you enjoy the most when shooting the film?

I enjoyed the whole process and I learnt so much. I realised as an actor we are just in our own little world and just come when our shot is ready as it’s about us as individuals. As a director, I looked into everything from what time breaks are, if spot boy is ok, if actors are comfortable. It was such an amazing experience.

 How was it working with Jassie Gill, Babbal Rai and your sister Rubina Bajwa?

They are all amazing, very humble, had great chemistry and they all listened...hahaha. They all respected me a lot and I would approach them politely. If I needed the shot to be taken again I would say it very nicely and softly ‘just one more, one more.’

 Rubina is your sister. Did you find it challenging keeping a personal and professional relationship separate?

It was really easy because she has been on sets with me in the past. She knows once on set then that’s serious business. We weren't family or sisters on set, we were sisters at lunch time and after pack up. During our working hours I was her director and at times she would do a bit of comedy and call me ‘Neeru Ji... Maam.’ It was a good laugh.

 What were the locations the film was shot and which location you preferred the most?

We shot in Mauritius which was beautiful and Punjab. It was the first time I went to Mauritius and people are saying it’s going to sink in 10 years so we are fortunate we been there...Hahaha. But I have a soft spot for Punjab and is always my favourite.

 What is your favourite song in the film and why?

The romantic song Jassie has sung ‘Fer Ohi Hoyea’ because the lyrics are beautiful and the way it’s been performed.

 Did you face any problems?

No not really...i had a fantastic team. My daughter and husband were with me so it wasn’t like I was missing my family. We really had a great time and I couldn’t do it without them.

 Do you have a favourite scene in the film?

Oh nooo....every scene is my favourite, being a director the whole film is great and I can’t really pick one.

 Would you like to direct more films or concentrate in acting?

I would love to direct more films but at the moment I am just going to sit back and see what you all think about my work in ‘Sargi’ and take it from there.

 How do you balance your personal and professional life?

My husband and I, we travel together and we are a team. We always help each other out. It’s not possible without teamwork.


Can you give us one reason why we should go and watch the film?

It’s a young, youthful, fresh, romantic and most importantly a good film! Its good cinema.

 Finally what would you like to say to readers?

I would like to thank everyone. I can’t thank my fans enough for loving me and supporting me. Do take some time out and go and watch ‘Sargi’ out on 24th February and keep up the good work guys at!

 Thank you Neeru for taking time out to talk about your forthcoming film ‘Sargi.’



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