Gippy Grewal ft. Jatinder Shah – Zaalim (Video)

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Dharam Seva Records presents the video to the track titled 'Zaalim' by Gippy Grewal, Music by Jatinder Shah, Lyrics are by Inda Raikoti.

We do not wish any offence by the views of our Organisation. No doubt we will make mistakes along the way we humbly request for forgiveness for any offence or mistakes.

All proceeds from these releases are non-profit.

Vahe-Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Vahe-Guru Ji Ki Fateh.


+1 #2 free your mindword 2015-02-13 04:55
Good video & Great lyrics.. however at the very end of the day these types of song will boost up alot of people in punjab to fight for whats right.. and consequences from the corrupt sarkar will follow.. lives will be at risk while these singers will be booked for weddings & gigs. in others word singers like gippy diljit etc etc will not help but will be hiding when shit really does hit the fan.. Anybody living outside of PUNJAB obviously knows that our corrupt sarkar is promoting drugs, stupid events (kabaddi) & SONGS to keep us dumped down.. listen to what bhagwant mann says & also ranjit bawa.. they're screwing our generation over.. most people dont realize our generation is double of the baby boomers. they want to control us.... dump us down.. PTC is owned by them
+7 #1 RE: Gippy Grewal ft. Jatinder Shah – Zaalim (Video)Selectaa 2015-02-09 10:08
I am a speechless, so much respect for Gippy Grewal.
I am glad songs like these are made, the ability to express issues through music.

It makes you think...what has a kaum come to...lifting up bottles in the air like lunns.

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