Alfaaz - Putt Jatt Da (Video)

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Alfaaz is back for 2015 with his brand new single titled 'Putt Jatt Da' - the song has been sung and written by Alfaaz and produced by Preet Hundal - watch the video now!

'Putt Jatt Da' is out via ACME Muzic!

Song : "Putt Jatt Da"

Singer: Alfaaz

Music: Preet Hundal

Lyrics: Alfaaz

Music Label: Acme Muzic

Presentation: Anup Kumar

Video By: Vinnil Markan

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Charly Ranu
-1 #5 RE: Alfaaz - Putt Jatt Da (Video)Charly Ranu 2015-03-01 03:27
Awesome song and vocals by Alfaaz !
T singhh
+2 #4 Wow originalT singhh 2015-02-18 15:54
Wow. What another original track and guess what it's called. Jatt word again....brilli ant no one has come up with that word in amy new man

Tees singhh
-1 #3 Super SongAddyg 2015-02-10 12:47
Alfa you really have proved that good lyrics can make bigg difference.
D Dutta
+3 #2 RE: Alfaaz - Putt Jatt Da (Video)D Dutta 2015-02-09 15:37
The video's storyline sucks .. it hardly makes any sense!
killa khan.
0 #1 RE: Alfaaz - Putt Jatt Da (Video)killa khan. 2015-02-09 15:35
Nice song with melodious music love it ...

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