Tigerstyle feat. RK Mendhi - Boss (Video)

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Watch the full video to 'Boss' that comes off the album 'Digi-Bhang' the fifth album release by Tigerstyle and will be their first album since 'Mystics, Martyrs & Maharajas' which came out in 2008.

Boss is a stellar example of Tigerstyle's limitless talents. Urgent & exciting, Boss grabs your attention & doesn't let go! - Kyle Hopkins, Music Supervisor, Xbox/Microsoft, Seattle United States

You know Tigerstyle got the club jumpin' on this one, bouncy and spicy. I can't wait to hear the remixes. - D-Rakkas, South Rakkas Crew, Orlando United States

Tigerstyle strikes again with Boss - a big, bold soundsystem smasher! I love this tune & Tigerstyle's unique take on South Asian sounds. Great music! Boss is Tigerstyle at their best!! - Kid Hops, KEXP 90.3fm Seattle /, Seattle United States

My favourite Glaswegian brothers have smashed it yet again! Love the Bass music mashups which push this tune to another level! Tigerstyle, I Salute you !!! - Yasser Ranjha, Asian Underground, BBC Asian Network, London United Kingdom

Tigerstyle surface from depths of the musical underworld with Boss, a Bhangra vs Moombahton vs Dubstep SMASHER!!! Nothing like what you'd expect? Yet again Tigerstyle are pushing boundaries, fusing sounds and creating sonic chaos.

Boss (Single) features remixes by Mat The Alien, D-Boy, Jakes Hench & Caballo.


01 Boss -- Tigerstyle feat. RK Mendhi GB7HE1300404
02 Boss (Instrumental) GB7HE1300424
03 Boss Boss (Mat The Alien Remix) GB7HE1300434
04 Boss (D-Boy Bawse Remix feat. Authentiq) GB7HE1300444
05 Boss (Jakes Hench Remix) GB7HE1300454
06 Boss (Caballo Remix) GB7HE1300464

Taken from the album "Digi-Bhang" also releasing on 23rd May.

Boss (feat. RK Mendhi) - Single - Tigerstyle


pop star
0 #2 pop star 2013-06-07 08:48
Come on man are we watching the same video?? Zombies and a singh running away from them... then 2 Sharam Singh's at the Dj booth! looking like they are completly in the wrong place!! there image should be in the right place's not in clubs man!

then the video dose go kinna retro with the glow in the [censored] theme.

not keen on the music or video! but so like the fact ppl are trying now lol

+2 #1 Realist. 2013-05-23 19:25
This is pretty decent...good video as well...the hook-line is a bit shit though; but i guess its simple and easy to sing along/ repeat

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