Intenso - Aashiq (Video)

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Watch the full video to 'Aashiq' the brand new single from Manchester based artist 'Intenso' - produced by Roach Killa the single is out now via Moviebox!

Following on from the No.1 Debut Smash hit "Thenu Thakia", Intenso is back with his second single "Aashiq". From the mellow fusion he created with the unmistakable Rishi Rich sound, the Manchester born artist returns in tandem with International Superstar Roach Killa for undoubtedly one of the hits of the summer.

Presented once again by the powerhouse record label Moviebox Records, Aashiq promises to be a timeless addition to this innovative & successful music label's catalogue of number one's. Fusing the melodic vocals of singing mixed with rap, Intenso compliments a beautifully orchestrated song, produced & composed by the Toronto born International artist Roach Killa. Reminiscent of the unique "Roach Killa" sound, Aashiq brings to the forefront Intenso's first blast at singing & unmistakably stamps his seal on the track giving a complete variation to his delivery style from the previous release.

Intenso explains: "This was another amazing oppurtunity to work with an artist that i look up to & someone who has been a big influence on my return to the industry. Roach's music speaks for itself & i found working alongside him brought out a creative side in me i never knew existed. This song has given me the chance to showcase my flexibility as an artist & deviate from what i am normally used to. Roach allowed me to come out of my comfort zone of straight rap & develop my skill of melodic rap with singing. The result, a summer anthem that i hope everyone enjoys & appreciates.. and this is just the start of my musical journey!"

The video for "Aashiq" was shot in Intenso's hometown of Manchester & has a very personal feel to it. A stark contrast to the previous single "Thenu Thakia", the sun, sand & sea have been replaced by a luxurious Penthouse CIty Apartment, with Intenso going back to his roots of his hometown, bringing out his versatility as an artist with this explosive 2nd single from his forthcoming album "De-Ja-Vu".

Aashiq - Single - Intenso & Roach Killa


+3 #2 Realist. 2013-05-25 04:30
Honestly if your going to rap try to make it mainstream, or UK scene like Smartz, or even the Burban scene...this is just wack; the english lyrics and punjabi lyrics are simple and written by somebody who cant even hold a conversation in punjabi...a rapper will watch this and laugh, a punjabi singer will watch it and laugh as this guy isnt impressing anyone

And what number 1 debut smash hit did he have? Where was it number 1...what charts? The only place it was probly played was at his cousins wedding and his local shisha cafe!!!
Not a hater
+5 #1 Not a hater 2013-05-23 20:16
the girl is pretty

Constructive criticism:
he can't sing, even with autotune, should not be singing
I don't know punjabi but I could write better lyrics than that
He was a garage mc with eng accent, why does he need to put on American accent when rapping

Moviebox is all about quantity over quality I see.. Maybe I will ask them for a deal and become famous too

Not a hater, just like good quality music, unfortunately this was not that

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