Amrit Saab - Theka (Full Video)

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Singer, lyricist and newly turned actor, Amrit Saab returns with his brand new single Theka produced by Jeeti Singh and written by Amrit Saab himself, watch the full video here!

Born and raised in Khaira Majja, Jalandhar, Punjab, Amrit accompanied his Ustaad ji, the world-renowned Sufi singer Sabar Koti during live performances and was encouraged to begin singing. Since then Amrit Saab has never looked back and has reached many heights in both his singing career and as a lyricist and has penned some of the biggest tracks in recent times, such as Kangna for Dr Zeus, Jawani (1 and 2) and Pyar for DJ H.

Theka is taken from the forthcoming album by Amrit Saab entitled Khatra and like the title suggests the album is going to be dangerous. The album includes a variety of songs and features some of the best producers from the UK Bhangra industry like Jeeti, Suki Chand, Dr Zeus and Kam Frantic (just to name a few) and the album will also feature a collaboration with Apache Indian.

“I have chosen some of the best producers from UK and India to produce my forthcoming album because I wanted a versatile sound which will cater to different listeners. The songs have all been written by me and I will also be introducing my 5 year old son, Dylan Saab on this album who will be collaborating with me and Cheshire Cat on a track called Ageh Piche.”

Along with the release of the track and the album, Amrit has been very busy shooting for his forthcoming Punjabi movie London Di Heer, which is going to be released in January 2013.

Theka out now and the video, which has been shot in Punjab by video director Jee-Cee, will go live in the next few days.


pop star
0 #4 pop star 2012-08-22 10:33
cant belive my comment came off! s[censored]t some time doing that review :sad:
+4 #3 asd123 2012-08-13 02:01
Slapping the girls ass, pinching her and she drinks? Would this be an appropriate for the people at home to watch? hmmmm...
+2 #2 AP 2012-08-12 01:54
jeeti is repetitive but this track is well produced, the fact of the matter is that amrit saab being such a f9 lyricist wrote this crap song and his voice doesnt feel the same. what a shame
+2 #1 Realist 2012-08-11 16:04
Bring back this Amrit Saab

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