Dipps Bhamrah - Punjabi Lions & Maar Suteya (Video Medley)

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Watch the video medley by Dipps Bhamrah, featuring K.S.Bhamrah, Metronome, Jati Cheed, Asian Street Remix, Masterclass for the tracks Punjabi Lions and Maar Suteya coming off his album titled Project:BHANGRA. The album is out now on the Spice Media UK label.




01  123 Boliyan - Amby Sagoo
02  Sangdi - Garry Sandhu
03 Pyar De Sahare - Jati Cheed
04 My Sisters Wedding - KS Bhamrah
05  Bhabiye Ni - Surinder Laddi
06 Punjabi Lions - Metronome & KS Bhamrah
07 Maar Suteya - Jati Cheed
08  Mr Makhna - KS Bhamrah
09  Tu Nachdi - Malkit Bhulla
10  Put Turkhaana De - Amby Sagoo


Goat Rider
+4 #5 RE: Dipps Bhamrah - Punjabi Lions & Maar Suteya (Video Medley)Goat Rider 2012-08-09 03:25
They look like a bunch of wannabee thugs. Terrible track, i couldn't bare to listen to it after the first verse.
-5 #4 RE: Dipps Bhamrah - Punjabi Lions & Maar Suteya (Video Medley)sm 2012-08-08 12:27
decent album, some good some bad. asian street remix doing great job :)
-6 #3 AP 2012-08-07 22:01
punjabi lions is a good track the album is ok
-5 #2 RE: Dipps Bhamrah - Punjabi Lions & Maar Suteya (Video Medley)0000 2012-08-07 19:58
Great album every track is amazing but ma favourite is the garry sandhu track. Nice to hear all these instruments used and they way everything has been mixed.
+15 #1 Realist 2012-08-07 19:11
Mr Makhana is the only decent track on the album...everyth ing else is just boring...oh and if he was going to release a Put Turkhaana De track atleast make it better, i feel sorry for the sikh community whos forefathers were woodworkers they waited sooo long for a song to rival Put Jattan De by Surinder Shinda and they got this crap by Dips

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