Prabh Gill - Hostel # 1 (Full Video)

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Watch the full video by Prabh Gill to his latest single release titled 'Hostel #1', music by Joy Atul, which is out now via itunes!

When It comes to Punjabi Singing, we see a numerous number of singers. No Doubt, some of them are really good but we often see people take 'New Talent' for granted, but not a long ago, just a couple of years back then, an artist by the name of "PRABH GILL" stepped into this ocean of punjabi singers. From a couple of fantastic tracks, It didn't took long for "PRABH GILL' to emerge as a one of the best punjabi singers, whom people can't ignore and always demanded more from him.

A Pearl, which is so pure often emerges after hardwork and struggle by the sea shell. PRABH GILL, who hails from Ludhiana, (A major industrial city of Punjab, and home to many other known singers), had to work hard in this field, because from beginning he knew, its not an option for him, It grew up as a passion in him, then often singing at home, with friends, in college fairs, made him confirmed, it will be his career not for monetary profits but for his own self passion in singing.

Singer : Prabh Gill
Music : Joy Atul
Title : Hostel # 1
Video : Ankur Chaudhary [Crystal Films]
Status : Out 5th May 2012 On iTunes & all leading download stores

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pop star
0 #2 pop star 2012-05-08 09:44
this guy did a really good track with immoimmortal productions album

that was really nice! but his one is kinna whack!
Sonia P
+1 #1 Sonia P 2012-05-07 14:04
good video and song, thanx

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