Gagan Sharma - Pyar Hogiya (Full Video)

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Breakthrough Punjabi artist, Gagan Sharma is combining his attention grabbing looks, slick dance moves and Punjabi vocals with his video 'Pyar Hogiya'. Watch Full Video Here!

Born in India and raised in the Lower Mainland, Gagan’s musical roots were influenced by impromptu live sessions of music by well-known artists, but didn’t formalize until he was in his late teens. For the last five years, Sharma has been perfecting his sound with various vocal coaches.

Since 2010, he has been working with uber talented, Producer, Nick Chowlia, who has helped provide guidance with music subtleties and artistic development. The result is 24-year-old Gagan’s release of ‘Pyar Hogiya’ which showcases his melodic vocal range and capture listeners with its fresh sound and introspective lyrics.