Bikram Singh - Electro Love Boliyan (Full Video)

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“Electro Love Boliyan” is another single from well received album BIK I AM by New Yorker based Bikram Singh! Bikram, this time works alongside long time tour DJ and resident at Basement Bhangra, Ranbir-S. Watch the full video!

Delving deeper into fusing his vocals with synthetic soundscapes and beats to deliver a very unique sounding set of Punjabi Boliyan. The single comes packaged this time with a DJ Shadow remix of hit track “Beyonce”.


Kam Sahota
-1 #3 Kam Sahota 2012-01-04 16:42
This guy is so overrated.

The production on the album is TOP notch.

But the singer ruins it.
tera daddy
0 #2 tera daddy 2011-12-23 12:54
Pop star, his voice makes you cringe, yet you still write about him every time. a lot of people love his music - thats a fact. if you don't you shouldn't be paying any attention.

it seems like you have something personal against him. did he shag one of your sisters on his tours?
Pop star
0 #1 Pop star 2011-12-23 10:29
I'm gonna have to state the truth!!
This guy cant sing !!! It is really bad!
Not even a pub singer! His voice makes me cringe!

Video.. Well apart from Bikram pulling a face like he is taking a dump.. And crap story. It's great.

Music: 0/10 Now I have noticed load of ppl are trying to jump on the electro vibe ... But producers please take a look at the real deal!! Calvin Harris , swedish house mafia, david guetta. Etc.

The only ppl that have pulled it off and have set the standard for Asian market:
1: imran khan! - some huge tracks on there
2: punjabi mc- the remix morni and loads more!
3: gupsy aujla- get funky -defo rave track.

These guys have set the standard for the house - electro vibe for the asian market.

And mr Bikram ... Please don't sing again! Also singer have set standards:
JK, Jaz Dhami, Gary sandu - (not the best vocal but puts thought into it to insure a Hit) newcomer- saini surinder -has also set the standard for solid vocals.

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