Deep Matta - Kadey Main Sochan (Video)

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Watch the video to the latest track by Deep Matta titled Kadey Main Sochan.

Deep Matta is a Punjab (India) born and raised Punjabi folk & pop singer/songwriter. Deep Matta's journey as a professional singer started in 2011 when he co-founded a Punjabi band named Rhythm Tolee. He is also the lead singer of his band Rhythm Tolee.

Deep has performed live at wide variety of renowned music venues and festivals in the greater New York City area. Deep released his debut track Nakhre feat. Raxstar in Feb 2017.

His newly released song "Kadey Main Sochan" is mesmerizing the Punjabi audience worldwide.

Twitter: @deepmatta

Instagram: @iamdeepmatta

Facebook: @iamdeepmatta

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