Dj Outlaw & Dj Insidious ft Reena Kaur (Long da lishkara) #LONNNG (The Party Break)

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#Lonnng (The Party Break) f/t Dj Outlaw Dj Insidious and Reena Kaur (British born Punjabi vocalist)

"A change from the norm" is always the primary subject whenever Joddey Singh aka Dj Outlaw wants to produce a track, This Dj style/fusion is where they decided to bring added raw flavour.

The trio recorded a track based on the original "Long da Lishkara" from 1986, sang by Minu Purushottam, composed by Jagjit Singh; the concept being based on an AV8 remix/Party break style....

The track has been made for promotional purposes as a free download with no copyrights for the public to enjoy and understand that not all the Desi music that they have access to doesn't have to be similar. and that Urban music can also be incorporated to enjoy, have fun and Live music to how you want to....


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Twitter/ @reenakaur5

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Raju Kaur
0 #1 RE: Dj Outlaw & Dj Insidious ft Reena Kaur (Long da lishkara) #LONNNG (The Party Break)Raju Kaur 2017-10-22 16:51
How to ruin a classic track, should really leave some things alone. Vocals not bad tbh

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