Harsimran - Palace (Video)

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Harsimran has released his next single entitled 'Palace' with music record label T-series. The music has been composed by Johny Vickk and lyrics penned by Sarba Mann.

'Palace' illustrates a romantic story where the boy is telling his love he is ready to get married to her and for the girl's father to get the wedding venue booked.

'Tere bapu nu keh palace kara lai koi book

Saade wale ne taan haan karti'

Earlier this year Harsimran released the hit dance-floor track 'Daaru Di Saunh' and previously released a sad romantic song entitled 'Teri Call.'

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0 #1 Harsimran - Palace (Video)Sona 2017-07-08 21:47
Loved this track, something different x

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