Upkar Sandhu - Naal Tere Hova (Video)

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Upkar Sandhu has released his next single 'Naal Tere Hova' with music record label T-series. The music is by Gupz Sehra, video directed by Frame Singh and lyrics penned by Guri Batala.

The words 'Naal Tere Hova' translates to 'to be with you.' Last year Upkar released his romantic single entitled 'Reejh Dil De.' The lyrics which were penned by Meet Hundal played a big role as the delicate romantic lyrics alongside a lovely romantic video and music lead the song to being very successful:

'Phullan na sajaake reejh dil di pugaake

Channa likheya mehndi naal tera naa ve'

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