EnKarma - She Kills (Video)

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EN KARMA Canada's eminent World Music Bhangra band emerge from the studio with a fresh new single entitled 'She Kills' - watch the video here!

She Kills continues En Karma's musical fusion of World Music meets Bhangra, delivering a sound that fans have come to love and welcome. The track blasts out a live and raw Bhangra groove that only En Karma can deliver.

'She Kills' A blasting volcano of live Bhangra energy

The new single gets its release on without a doubt the most notable Indian music label on the planet. T-Series. The powerhouse label saw great potential in the band's vibrant live fusion sound. And Oh - They noticed the fact that the boys form this generations ONLY active Bhangra band.....

Yaaaa Right - How is that even possible, you ask?

Well, no one can question that even till today the 80,s and 90,s live band era resonates within all avid Bhangra fans (That's a Fact) They are Pioneers and Legends etched in the genre's history. Unfortunately, the bands are looked upon as a thing of the past. Today's live acts consist of a leading solo artist with a backing band or live bands but no lead singer....What's your take?

Could En Karma be this generations only Active Live Bhangra Band? - Whhhhaaaat

2017 will see En Karma continue to bring the high energy of live Bhangra to the world's stages.

At their core remains a friendship and musicianship that is unsurpassed. Based and founded out of Vancouver , BC by Pip Dhaliwal (Drums) Nick Chowlia (Keyboards) Inder Kooner (Vocals) Ricky Thinda (Bass) Karm Cooner (Dhol) En Karma has forged a distinct sound that has gained them worldwide recognition. Their debut album En Karma reached #1 on the iTunes World Music chart featuring the lead single Tohar Naal Jeena, and hosting artists such as K. S. Makhan, H Dhami, and Delhi2Dublin. Followed up with #Enkarmafied which also quickly made gains and reached #2 on the iTunes World Music charts featuring the singles Dil Naal Khedey & Tu Nach.

The En Karma Lads deliver musicianship and performance abilities without compare. Drawing on their UK influences for live band arrangements infused with their more contemporary influences in North America, En Karma have been performing shows and festivals around North America to very mixed diversities and backgrounds since 2007: Audiences have loved their electrifying energy at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and Canada Day celebrations. International Jazz Festivals, or numerous other Indian, Fusion, and World Music festivals, if you've seen En Karma live – You know your feet for a week from dancing. If you haven't – What are you waiting for?

Electrifying the world's stages with the DRUM & DHOL beats of Bhangra

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