RaOol, Jaz Dhami - Desi Girls Do It Better (Video)

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Presenting the brand new song "Desi Girls Do It Better" in the voice of RAOOL & JAZ DHAMI out now on T-Series.

From a young age Jaz Dhami has had a lot of love and passion for music which turned into his career. Over the years he has released different genres of songs from 'Meh Punjabi Boli Ah' which has been praised by all generations to 'High Heels' for which he received a Punjabi Music Award. Jaz also released ‘Bhangra Machine’ which was a great dancing track alongside Punjabi hit maker PBN.

His most recent release entitled 'Teri Ah' is very different to his previous songs. This must be one of the top songs he has sung as it has received an outstanding reponse within the first few months of its release.

Jaz now brings to you 'Desi Girls Do It Better' alongside RaOol. The track is produced by Sujit Tiwari, Shanti, and Meena Karia. Mr. Dhami had this to say when Jovan caught up with him about the track

""Raool and I have been working on stuff since we both individually came out to Mumbai, our sensibilities just matched in terms of our desire to push the boundaries in the desi music scene. This song is all about repping the desi ladies, and trust me when I say Raool has a lot of exciting music to follow from this and I'm honoured to be part of his journey".

So we can expect to hear much more from RaOol as he and Jaz make a great combination and we can not wait to hear more of these types of tracks.

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