Sukhi Moranwalia - Nach Kuriye (Free Download)

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Sukhi Moranwalia is a Punjabi Singer/English Rapper who grew up in Emeryville  California (The Bay Area) & is now Residing In Livingston, Ca.
He is the CEO of Black Magic Records/Black Magic Media & Studios (Formerly Mobstar Records).

Under the rap artist name "Spyder Black" he is the first ever Punjabi artist to rap In English to be Featured on mainstream radio on the West Coast 98.3 KWIN Multiple Times. Currently his new Punjabi single "Nach Kuriye", written by Bhinder Khanpuri, who also wrote for The late Kaka Bhaniawala, has gained noticed among Punjabi Music lovers. Sukhi Moranwalia's influences are Kuldip Manak, Surjit Bindrakhia, Surinder Shinda & Jazzy B.

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