Ajit Singh - Pee Lain De (Free Download)

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Introducing to the world 'Ajit Singh', his debut single 'Pee Lain De' will be releasing worldwide on Thu 28th Feb as a free download via!

The collaboration that everyone is waiting for..AOS and Simply Bhangra present Ajit Singh and his debut single, ‘Peeh Lehn De’.


‘Peeh Lehn De’ is produced by AOS and written by Deepa Kup Kalan, Ajit Singh’s friend from India. After being introduced to each other through a mutual friend, AOS saw the passion that Ajit had for music and sharing this mutual passion and love for music AOS decided to work on a project with him.

‘Peeh Lehn De’ is a full on Bhangra track so expect desi beats and traditional instruments like Dhol and Tumbi. Without a doubt, ‘Peeh Lehn De’ is guaranteed to be a great song for the dance floor.

The song is about a girl wanting to dance with a guy but the guy needs a few drinks before he can build his courage and dance with the girl. The video has been shot in London and has received a lot support from friends and family members of AOS who helped by contributing various props.

‘Peeh Lehn De’, will be releasing worldwide on Thursday 28th February, as a free download by Simply Bhangra.


0 #3 mandizZ 2013-02-28 03:32
i love this song... Keep it up bro
0 #2 gullu 2013-02-22 15:49
+1 #1 gringo 2013-02-20 02:49
sounds like dis dude gonna give it sum on the 28th

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