Time Productions ft Maninder Manga - Asla (Free Download)

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After the resounding success of the first single ‘AKH MERE TEH’ that was given away as a free download, Sharni (Time Productions) returns with his follow up, yet another FREE downloa titled 'Asla' feat Maninder Manga

Featuring the vocals of Maninder Manga, ASLA sees Sharni go from the deep dubstep vibes of the first song to a booming ferocious drum and bass anthem that brings the best of the underground scenes to the limelight.

Sharni, once again, has not only performed a unique rap flow upon the beat but the entire track was produced by him – a multitalented individual which is surely needed within the Asian Music Industry.


manu sara petha
-1 #2 RE: Time Productions ft Maninder Manga - Asla (Free Download)manu sara petha 2013-08-19 14:18
ReaLLY good track, thanks
+1 #1 RE: Time Productions ft Maninder Manga - Asla (Free Download)Realist, 2013-08-16 20:57
Bringing back the early 2000's UK Bhangra sound...nice to hear as a one off!

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