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Manny Khaira & Reena Kaur - Kararra (Free Download)

A classic created from the fusion of Giddah and Bhangra, resulting in a modern dance floor style song, Manny Khaira and Reena Kaur present to you KARARRA.


Originally sang by K.Deep and Jagmohan Kaur (known as Poodna) whom are legends from the yester years of duets and lyrics by Gurdev Singh Maan. Manny and Reena first undertook performances together in the UK in 2012 and then widened their audience base performing at a mela in Italy. Performing their duet song with a full live band recreated the sound and atmosphere of a classic duet to their audiences’.

The intertwined backgrounds of Ladies Sangeet (Reena Kaur)and Bhangra Singing/Music Producing(Manny Khaira) brought a new singing duet that showcased determined talents and embraced enjoyment. ‘Kararra’ is a song which highlights a humorous perspective of our Asian lifestyles. Manny and Reena love showing this when performing on stage ensuring they leave their audiences’ with entertainment to remember. “We love making people laugh throughout our performances with our cheeky style of acting on stage,” says Manny.

‘Kararra’ has been produced as a tribute to K.Deep and Jagmohan Kaur. “We hope you all appreciate and enjoy our song as we relive the legends through our music,” says Manny and Reena.

Manny Khaira & Reena Kaur - Kararra (Free Download) by SimplyBhangra Music