Sammy Gill releases Sacch (Free Download)

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"Sacch" is written by a writer from Punjab by the name of Seera from Pakhi Kalan.  Music Produced by Dj Intense, up and coming Music producer.  " Sacch" has a video which will be released in the next few weeks.

Sammy Gill - Sacch by SimplyBhangra Music

Sammy Gill is an up and coming singer/song writer from Surrey, BC Canada. Growing up in a Family of truckers in India, he was inspired by artists such as Gurdaas Mann, Late Kuldeep Manak, Mohd Siddique, and the late Chamkilla.
Sammy moved from India in his early teen age years and very quickly learned the ways of the "Western" culture but still kept the Punjabi culture deep in his roots which shows through his song writing and singing. Although Sammy is new to the industry he has recorded with the world famous RDB, local producer Sohn Rai, and has collaborated with Houston rapper Deep Cold, as well as Amen Reminise Panesar, and Toronto's own Randy Jassal.
Sammy's real passion is live singing. He has preformed with Raj Brar, Malkit Singh and has opened up for Jassi Sidhu in Surrey.With the release of the "Sacch", Sammy wishes to gain world wide recognition in the music industry. Stay tuned for future Sammy Gill projects!

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