Sunny-G 'Gettin Started' E.P (Free Download)

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New kid on the block Sunny-G is proud to present his first ever EP, “Gettin Started” Sunny-G, download tracks Here!

This time Sunny-G has gone into the studio to work on his own project and has successfully completed 5 tracks produced solely by Sunny-G and the most amazing thing about this release is that the tracks are all FREE to download every fortnight!

Sunny G is a talented music producer and musician who is very much in touch with his old-school Bhangra/Folk Music inspirations such as Gurdas Maan but his most biggest idol is Rishi Rich, Sunny-G has grown up listening to Rishi’s music and following his progress throughout the years.

Sunny-G’s music is very unique as he has his own sound and ideas that brings together a fusion of Bhangra, Hip Hop and other genres of influences together in his sound. Sunny-G has worked with a number of talented vocalists for his FREE EP release.

Sunny-G is to release his first track of “Gettin Started” is going live on Sunday 12th February 2012. “Gettin Started” His FREE download tracks are as follows:

Lashkare-12/02/2012 Vocals by: Upinder Sondh

Lashkare Sunny-G Ft Upinder Sondh by Sunnygproductions

Intazaar-26/02/2012 Vocals by: Parineta Narula (Jaspinder Narula’s niece)

Intezaar Sunny-G Ft Parineta Narula by Sunnygproductions

Gaani-11/03/2012 Vocals by: Upinder Sond

Sunny-G Ft Upinder Sondh - Gaani by Sunnygproductions

Akhiyan-25/03/2012 Vocals by: Parineta Narula (Jaspinder Narula’s niece)

Sunny-G Ft Parineta Narula - Akhiyan (Studio Lick) by Sunnygproductions

Nakhra -08/04/2012 Vocals by: Billa Ferozpuria

Sunny-G Ft Billa Ferozpuria - Nakhra by Sunnygproductions

Sunny-G’s entrance into the Asian music industry officially after many years of practice and working behind the scenes.


Sunny-G’s interest in music began from a very young age, at the young age of 11 he started learning how to play the Indian classical instrument, the Tabla at his local Gurdwara (temple). His interest developed further and he learnt to play other instruments such as the Dholki, Dhol and Harmonium. It wasn’t long before his talent was recognised by his peers who gave him the opportunity to play Tabla for a recording session, having not been in a studio before the whole aspect of being surrounded by a music studio fascinated him and he jumped at the chance. This heightened his passion for music further and then decided that doing a Business course in college wasn’t for him.

He dropped out of his Business course and began doing a course in Music Technology, during this time he started working on remixes and demos in music studios and had become more knowledgeable to how the studio environment is and became more confident in using music software. He then furthered his qualification at The London College of Music, London where he graduated in Music Technology in 2010.

The degree gave him the opportunity to study music in different genres and styles, such as Jazz, blues, pop, soul and hip-hop as well as developing his knowledge and skills in his own culture and learning about ‘Bollywood’ and Bhangra compositions. Throughout his studying years he met some of the greatest musicians around the world and this inspired him to adapt his own style of producing music. He also worked behind the scenes for some well-known artists before deciding now it is his time to live his dream.

He took inspiration from the likes of AR. Rehman, Rish Rich, Tigerstyle, Timberland, Dr Dre, Jazzy B, Kuldip Manak, Chamkila, Beatles and Malkit Singh just to name the few. He is currently working on his own album that he hopes to launch in the near future as well as collaborating and producing for other Singers from the music industry.

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-1 #3 SOMEONE LIKE YOU 2012-02-22 23:11
-3 #2 tasha86 2012-02-12 13:06
wow well done sunny!!! lovin this, so catchy!! got me dancing away now!! lol xx
Shivanie Star
-3 #1 Shivanie Star 2012-02-12 11:43
Well done Sunny , awesome work with getting started - absolutely love the sound of lashkare ( great beat and vocals). All the best mate !Looking forward to the full version :)

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