Illmatik releases Tere Ishq (Free Download)

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Illmatik, going back to 2008 when Illmatik was created, Shak worked heavily on the underground circuit with many producers from many different genres, and found his comfort zone in bhangra-fuzion music, in which he explained that he could be him self and was able to make the beat his canvas for his art.

As years passed by Shak's close family and friends were criticizing his work and always trying to improve him, finally when Illmatik was ready to be launched on to a much larger audience, we then made arrangements with various producers and artists to make a mix-tape. The mix-tape, called 'Handwriting' was release last year collaborating with another local artist named Young Twist. The mix-tape consisted of 16 banging tracks, featuring many local artist and also by the worldwide known artist Nasir Khan on a Collaboration called Dil Thag Liya. 10,000 copies were distributed last year FREE at mela's and other events.

After receiving a large amount of support an love from the fans he had created, we started working on a project called 'Tere Ishq', for which we had a track produced and composed by producer Gorilla Chilla and vocals from a Manchester talent names Balwinder Singh. For the track we shot a video in the superclub Circle in Manchester. The track and video has been set up for a free download, for everyone to enjoy for free.

The next step for Illmatik has been set out, Illmatik have been approached by a major record and new material will be released later this year. Make sure you keep locked and check out his facebook @ for updates and other free downloads.


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what the ..... is this?
pop star
+2 #1 pop star 2011-05-23 18:25
Review: watched the video and am not even gonna take this track for free! lol

this video director having a laugh??

he has made it out as if those girls are ment like that over weight fatty bum bum had too many ladoos and Halal fried chicken n chips.

any way video:

Track: 0/10

Music 0/10

dont try again mr kebab. :)

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