G-Deep Releases Na Na Chedi Na (Free Download)

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The G-Deep Music Team is proud to release Na Na Chedi Na, a patriotic Punjabi song dedicated to the People’s Party of Punjab. Sardar Manpreet Singh Badal has recently formed the People’s Party of Punjab and is running in the elections to lead Punjab.

He is a man with a vision and plan to bring change in Punjab. G-Deep supports Sardar Manpreet Singh Badal and therefore wrote this song to spread the word on Badal’s movement. Na Na Chedi Na talks about the fact that Manpreet Singh Badal is a true and respected leader and deserves our supoort. G-Deep, the name behind so many super hit songs has always wanted to contribute something to the society and he is doing exactly that through this song.

He also talks about Sardar Bhagat Singh in the song and how we as young punjabi’s need to step forward and follow Bhagat Singh’s lead in making Punjab an improved state. G-Deep hopes to encourage today’s youth to come out and do good things for Punjab by supporting the People’s Party.

G-Deep is currently working on a new spiritual/sufi album which will be out this summer.

Fans can purchase G-Deep’s O’Billo album on iTunes.

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