RDB Release Soniye (Stronger)

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Fusing together Indian soundsPunjabi vocals, a clever Daft Punk sample, and Grammy-award winner Kanye West, internationally acclaimed producers RDB have released their sixth single.


Soniye (Stronger) was written by N.S. Chauhan, performed by Binder, and remixed by RDB.


With RDB’s unmatched musical magnitude, they are putting out one hit track after another. Undertaking into the path of fusing together electro and Bhangra, should be no surprise to anyone who’s a fan of RDB – they are always setting the bar by going above and beyond the call of production. While being both a track for the clubs and at the same time, a kick-back track, regardless “Soniye (Stronger)” is hot.


If you already haven’t, be sure to log onto RDB’s website and download all the previous exclusive tracks we’ve put out. Keep your eyes open for RDB & Nindy Kaur’s albums releasing this summer!


{audio}images/stories/Bhangra09/Sher Punjabi (Let it Rock).mp3{/audio} (Listen to Sher Punjabi (Let it Rock)

{audio}images/stories/Bhangra09/RDB - Paisa (Mille) ft Lil Wayne (Radio Edit).mp3{/audio} (Listen to Paisa (Mille) ft Lil Wayne (Radio Edit)

{audio}images/stories/Bhangra09/RDB -Gabru Get Low.mp3{/audio} (Listen to RDB -Gabru Get Low)
{audio}images/stories/Bhangra09/04 Sadi Gali (Official Remix).mp3{/audio} (Listen to Sadi Gali (Official Remix) 


{audio}images/stories/Bhangra09/05 Ranjha Make it Rain Remix.mp3{/audio} (Listen to Ranjha Make it Rain Remix) 


{audio}images/stories/Bhangra09/06 Soniye Stronger Remix.mp3{/audio} (Listen to Soniye Stronger Remix)



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sher panjabi
+3 #3 decent traksher panjabi 2009-04-19 17:45
good track...vocals are pretty sick. not sure whether it goes with the kanye sample though.

binder vocals sound sik as always though, stil waiting for this guys album after like 5 years, rdb always wasting time with average vocalists like ns chauhan, manak-e and sahara though.
+1 #2 Guest 2009-04-18 22:36
hmm are there stuff getting boring now :s
+1 #1 Guest 2009-04-18 01:22

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