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Celebrating the auspicious festival of Vaisakhi in their own unique style, veterans of Bhangra, ‘Saqi Roadshow’ are back with a floor thumping tune as a free gift to music lovers everywhere.

Simply entitled ‘Vaisakhi’ this track is designed as a traditional ‘back to the old school’ song and employs the powerful vocals of Balwinder Matewala and was produced and recorded by the three Midlands boys in the UK and India.  

Taking inspiration from the heart and sounds of the Punjab and the traditional Vaisakhi Melas, the track features authentic Dhols, Sarangis, Algozeh and Tumbis, all combined to create a new anthem to celebrate the festival in true Punjabi style. 

Saqi Roadshow has been at the forefront of the party DJ scene for almost ten years,  with each of the team bringing a wealth of talent and experience through their past musical histories playing for the likes of Saqi, Pardesi, Achanak, Avtar Maniac and many others. 

2005 saw them release their first album as Saqi Roadshow, entitled ‘Four of a Kind’ which featured the reproduced version of the classic party anthem ‘Rail Gaddi’ which resulted in them signing a deal with one of India's biggest record labels,          T- Series. 

The Saqi-boys, Manj, Amma and Dee have been close friends from a young age and have continued entertaining at venues across the world including Delhi, Mumbai, Europe and the annual New Year’s Desert Party in Dubai.

Manj says of the track: “We’ve spent years playing at melas and gigs across the country and we know the music that brings our audiences to life. Vaisakhi is the biggest festival in the Punjabi calendar, yet the choices of songs to celebrate this occasion are limited! The boys and I thought it was time to record something fresh.” 

To ensure that everybody gets a chance to celebrate Vaisakhi in style and make sure they don’t miss out on this fresh new track, the boys have decided to offer it as a free download. 

Amma adds: “We love music and we love entertaining, this track inspired us in so many ways and we just wanted to share it with the public.”

‘Vaisakhi’ will be followed by another premium tune featuring two top Asian artists – so keep your eyes and ears open! 

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0 #3 baaad5jab 2009-04-15 07:41
What a great song - and free!!!!! balle balle :woohoo:
0 #2 Guest 2009-04-14 21:06
not bad track
0 #1 sam 2009-04-13 22:27
nice track something to cheer the sad day in the industry - happy Vaisakhi to everyone celebrating.

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