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Last week RDB released the first track off their latest release, RDB Exclusives: The Biggest Club Mixes of 2009. The track Sher Punjabi (Let It Rock) has created international impact & left fans across the world wanting more; and more is on the way!

When Weezy dropped A Milli last year, the music industry knew it was over; Lil' Wayne was the forced needed to make an impact in the Hip-Hop industry. It became a track that was so infectious, making everyone want to add their own style & flavor to the track. It was only a matter of time till internationally acclaimed producers and vocalists RDB took this track and flipped it with a Punjabi sound.

Paisa (A Milli) has fused together the streets of Hip-Hop with the sadaks of Punjab. Placing RDB's very own Manj Ral on the same track with Lil' Wayne undoubtedly screams out collaboration! So get ready to get your Bhangra and 2-step on with RDB's latest release Paisa (A Milli) featuring Lil' Wayne.


Kuly of RDB points out that, "these tracks have been made exclusively for the DJs... but due to public demand we decided to make them freely available for everyone!"


Be sure to check out RDB's website every week for an exclusive, new track from the album. RDB will also be checking to see which song is the most popular from the album; after that, we'll be releasing an exclusive set of a'capellas for DJ use!


Special appearances by vocalists such as NS ChauhanBinder, and of course RDB 's very own Nindy Kaur,can also be heard on forthcoming exclusive releases! And finally, be on the look out for the release of both the new full album by RDB and Nindy Kaur's debut album.


{audio}images/stories/Bhangra09/Sher Punjabi (Let it Rock).mp3{/audio} (Listen to Sher Punjabi (Let it Rock)

{audio}images/stories/Bhangra09/RDB - Paisa (Mille) ft Lil Wayne (Radio Edit).mp3{/audio} (Listen to Paisa (Mille) ft Lil Wayne (Radio Edit)


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