RDB - Sher Punjabi (Download Now)

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RDB kicked off 2009 with quite the BANG! First they filled your musical hunger with some Aloo Chaat; then they went back to Bollywood to create some Kambaqth Ishq.


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Now, the boys who've brought you international hits such as Aaja MahiYaariSadi GaliRafta Rafta, and Singh Is Kinng, are back on the scene with their latest release, RDB Exclusives: The Biggest Club Mixes of 2009.

What makes this project even more interesting is that RDB will be releasing one new track a week, for a total of eight weeks on their website. The first track to be released from this project is titled, Sher Punjabi [Let It Rock] (RDB fear. Lil' Wayne).

Manj said, "We're not promoting our production skills on this CD; it's something we've put together to have some fun."

Be sure to check out RDB's website every week for an exclusive, new remixRDB will also be keeping an eye on which song is the most popular from the eight releases; after that, we'll be releasing an exclusive set of a'capellas for DJ use!

The Biggest Club Mixes of 2009 will also feature vocalists such as NanakBinder, and of course RDB's very own Nindy Kaur! Finally, be on the look out for the release of Nindy Kaur's debut album.

Sher Punjabi [Let It Rock] is now available for download on Keep it locked on RDB's website for more exclusive releases!

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