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Punjabi Music Industry Part 2


With the great response Jovan Heer received from artists and their fans after releasing Punjabi Music Industry article, he decided had to follow it up with even bigger and better in a part 2 continuation article featuring the Prince of Bhangra Jazzy B, UK sensation H Dhami, hit maker Manak-E, and Gupsy Aujla!

What made you start making music? Who are your inspirations?

What do you wish to accomplish at the end of your career?

What is currently your favourite song & artist right now?


@JazzyB – “I went to see Ustad Kuldeep Manak Ji perform in my Pind when I was very young. I was blown away by his performance and that was it, he is my inspiration. I plan to sing til my last breath. I will continue to make music and hope to inspire others, and to keep the Legacy of my Ustaad Kuldeep Manak ji alive for as long as I can. My Fav song and artist  at the moment is Diljit Dosanjh ‘Jatt fire Karda’.”

Jazzy Bains referred to Jazzy B has been tearing up the Punjabi music industry for 20+ years, he is an inspiration to anyone in the industry. It all started with Londono Patola and he has never looked back. Hit after hit, year after year Jazzy never disappoints; whether its his musical talent or his acting career. He is the Crown Prince of Bhangra for a reason, gave us dancefloor tracks and has also done dharmik albums along with duets with many artists like Kuldeep Manak, Sukshinder Shinda, Hard Kaur, and most recently Kaur B.

He is easily the most entertaining live performer in the industry, their is nothing else like it… can always make entire audiences get off their feet and Bhangra to his music. Jazzy B has also launched his new clothing line B Jazzy, make sure to check that out.  Up next for Jazzy is his Canada tour,  go check out his newest track Mitran De Boot!



@HDhamiMusic – “I’ve been blessed to have music part off my life the day I was born, look up to my father and his band who are recognised as one off the pioneers off Bhangra music – that era off music still stands out and that is amazing. Their performances, melodies, their vibe is what inspires me no doubt, along with many other artists in the game from all genre’s.

After I graduated, I had make a choice in what direction I want to head in, either the working 9-5 route or music – made a decision to go with music and knew the only way to make sure its done properly is by dedicating my everything to that – thats exactly what I did and will always look to work harder and enjoy a journey which god has blessed me with.

Not thinking an end to the career – thats all in god’s hands when and where you career goes and how long for – my vibe is to work hard at what I love doing, thats giving everyone good music, entertain and meeting all the amazing people all over the world who have supported me, believed in me and even people who are still getting to know me.

Favourite song at the moment has to be ‘Yaari Chandigarh Waliye – Ranjit Bawa’ – Can’t get enough off it.”

Hartinder Dhami, son of Palvinder Dhami who is from the legendary band Heera tore up the UK Punjabi music scene with his Sadke Java album release with hit tracks “Sadke Java” “Mitran Di Jaan” and “Har Gabroo” and followed that up with a great tour which I was able to see up close and personal and wow what a show he puts on. We are all looking forward to more big things coming up from him, keep it up H.


@ManakEMusic – “From a young age, I was always into music but never really thought much about it and just sang for fun and as a hobby. Slowly as time went on I really started to to become more serious with music, listening to quite alot of artists and their live performances etc. , and realised music was my passion and something I really wanted take up professionally, so I started to train and took lessons for a few years before moving to the UK where my career as a singer actually formed.

Once moving to the UK, I still was learning and trained and took good advice from people which really helped me create a identity for myself and also form my voice / style of singing. From there on I started to create songs and featured in albums like Death Jamm 3 and 4, then gradually worked on making my own solo albums such as E-Class, Pind Sare Nache in the late 90’s then later on Dil, Da Next Session, Paisa, Darr etc.

My inspirations are, Ustaad Kuldeep Manak Ji, Surinder Shinda, Chamkilla and Surinder Kaur, outstanding vocalists and definete Punjabi Folk Music legends.

Throughout my career I have been blessed to have done and acheived great things and create good music, and I hope to just carry on making good music and keep entertaining everyone with a good energy and try some new things, with the types of songs I release and the style etc , as it really is all about the music.

My favourite artists right now in the music industry would be Jaz Dhami and PBN. I wouldn’t say I have any particular favourite song right now, but whatever sounds good really, and has all round good vocals, lyrics and music.”

Manak-E has collaborated with many artists in his career most recently Killa K with his track One Day then going back a couple years to tracks like Ous Kurri, Time Naal, Door Ni Kulne, Paisa, Dhoor, Jehri Kuri, Pair Dukh De, Ik Hor Glassy and so many more. He is a legend and his music will be played for generations to come.


@GupsyAujla – “I have been brought up in a musical family with my mum and dad performing Shabad (religious hymns) around the UK along with my late grandfather Ustad Pyara Singh Ji, who was a well known Tarshenai player. I started off learning the Tabla and Dhol and from there took an interest to learn Harmonium and Keyboards. I was fortunate to have good teachers around me and I would put in the hours to practice daily.

I loved listening to Bhangra when I was growing up and used to play my instruments to the songs. From there I decided that I would like to make my own music, my good friend Aman Hayer put me in contact with Tom Lowry from Planet Studio’s when I first started production and have been working on my music there ever since.

Two people who inspired me have to be Sukshinder Singh Shinda Ji and Aman Hayer. They have had so many hits! I would listen to every song they made and would learn as much as I could by trying to play the musical pieces. Sometimes it would take my a few hours on just a single piece!

I have known Aman Hayer whilst growing up and he helped me gain knowledge in music. Sukshinder Shinda for me is a legendary music producer and musician, a very humble and kind person in real life too.

I have enjoyed making music and have been very lucky to travel the world performing our songs. Music is all about expressing emotions. I am currently focusing on Religious songs to help educate and inspire the next generation. My favourite track at the moment has to be Ranjhana by Rajeev V ft Pappi Gill, and my favourite artist has to be Diljit”