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Punjabi Music Industry 2015

punjabimusic's Jovan Heer gets his first article up discussing the 'Punjabi Music Industry 2015' -  First off I’d like to thank the artists that had the time to answer the questions that I had asked them when requesting their permission to interview them for this blog.

Shoutout to Amen Panesar, Kiran Dhanoa, DJ KSR, and Aman Sandhu. Although the big name artists like Malkit Singh, Gurdas Mann, Jazzy B, Manmohan Waris, Miss Pooja, Kamal Heer, & Babbu Mann have been noticeably quiet from making music as of late, the industry has had some great talent coming up and continuing to carry it.

Not much great Bhangra music as of late but the industry is changing and changing in many ways, good and bad. The likes of Diljit Dosanjh, Gippy Grewal,  PBN, Jassi Sidhu, Honey Singh, Jassi Gill, Dr. Zeus, Kaur B, Fateh & Mickey Singh continue to carry the way. Diljit, Gippy, Honey Singh, & Jassi Gill are doing great for the industry with all their music and the movies that they are being featured in, PBN is bigger than ever with his signings of Bambi, Serena, Raj Bains and have come out with bangers with every release they put out. What is a song really without a feature from Fateh? If a track is to have a rap in it, then he is the guy!

Althought, most of these artists were hard to reach or unavaliable for interview due to time restrictions I had the pleasure of interviewing these few. Hope to hear much more from these artists as they are all an inspiration to me in some way shape or form. So I decided to get their thoughts and opinions on why they got into the industry, what inspired them and what they wish to accomplish.

What made you start making music? Who are your inspirations? What do you wish to accomplish at the end of your career? Fav song & artist right now?


@Bambi_Official -“I began singing Gospel, Soul & RnB since the age of 10 when I was introduced to choir lesson and sang in church every Sunday’s. I’ve always been passionate about different genres of music and instruments too as I play the Piano, Bass guitar, Drum Kit & Dhol.

I was then introduced to the Bhangra music industry when I was 16 years old and taught myself to sing with the Punjabi twang. My musical inspirations are Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, Tupac & Shreya Goshal. 

I wish to cross the Mainstream & Bollywood scene soon in the future. I’ve always been passionate about singing in English & Hindi, so to break those markets would be a dream come true. At the moment, Diljit Dosanj – Patiala Peg is my favourite song”.


@RealKiranDhanoa – “I just loved to sing. I’ve always sang like it was talking and breathing. For me it was even easier to sing than talk sometimes. 

My inspirations are my mother she is a strong woman who has taught me to never except anything less than what I deserve. I’m inspired by anyone that makes something out of nothing. Being inspired by everything around me allows me to write about everyday things. 

I don’t want my career to ever end! I have got a few more goals I want to reach but once I’ve reached them I’ll create new.”

Make sure to check out Kiran’s track #TeraBinaNahiJeena.


@AmanSandhuMusic – Used to singing since childhood, but in my college days when my friends inspired me that you can become a singer, that made me took singing as a profession. I listen to all the artists.. No particular name… Whatever music is gud I listen. I want to become a versatile artist in Punjabi music industry and bollywood too.” Do not miss out on his #LakkDeHullare track, it’d get anyone up and dancing.


@AmarSandhuMusic “Music has been apart of my life since I was a child. My parents put me in kirtan class and it all went from there on. Music in general inspires me with the different sounds and techniques out there. But as an individual I closely followed Soni Pabla in my youth. To be honest I wouldn’t want this career to ever end, I love what I do and I sincerely enjoy making music. Stereotype by Chris Brown is my favourite song right now”


@HarjNagra – “Ive always been around artists my whole life. So always had in interest in music. Growing up ive been listening to a variety of genres. I initially began as a hip hop producer working with local people. Then got into dance/house music and now also bhangra music.

For bhangra music I felt all the music was sounding the same. So I try to do something different in my music in every track I produce.  

My Inspirations would be Dr. Dre, Scott Storch, Sukshinder Shinda & Jazzy B. Im only at 0.001% where I want to be right now and have a long way to go. Lets see where it goes. I dont have any fav song at the moment. Just whatever sounds good in my car I guess.. Jaguar – Sukh e and bohemia is a dope song.”

Make sure to check out Harj new track with Benny Dhaliwal #RangeRover


@theRealDJKSR – “I started mixing as a hobby when I was about 12 years old, I just had a love for Punjabi music and enjoyed mixing songs for my friends. My family owned a video store, so I was always around music and with the help of my family, I released my first cd when I was only 16 years old. From that point forward, the rest was history!  

Panjabi MC has to be one of my biggest inspirations as a DJ and producer. He started off remixing songs and then ventured off to production, similar to what I am planning to do. DJ Sunshine and DJ APS also had a lot of influence on my career as they were putting out underground remixes when no one else was really doing it. 

From day one, music and DJing has been a passion for me and I love what I do. I want to be remembered as someone who inspired other DJs to do what I am doing full time. Right now my favourite song has to be Thokda Reha by Ninja and favourite arists would be Jassi Gill and Ranjit Bawa”

Go check out KSR’s monthly mixes, great to play in the gaddi.


@LuvMusicOnline – “I always wanted to entertain people. From making people smile, dance or just getting them to forget there worries at the door and enjoy a nice, fun evening !! I had a passion for the arts and singing, was my way to express and teach the new generation, hoe beautiful  our roots are… To be really honest, every artist is my inspiration. May it be from new singers, producers, to the legends. 

Since the beginning of my career 13 yrs ago. I set out to learn and mold my career into something  that is respected by all. Ustad Mohammed Rafi, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Gurdas Mann, Jazzy B to Heera, Apna Sangeet and Manj Muzik. There are so ! I just love music!! Every artist has there own style… and I love to learn from the best… Much Respect to them all!! But, my biggest inspirations are my 2 children.  They keep me grounded and motivated. If anything ever happened to me. My kids can hear there daddy’s voice forever. Accomplish at the end….there never is a end…lol!!

I really just want to honestly show the next generation that our culture  and roots are very rich. Never forget where your forefathers came from. I want to be known as a artist that loved what he did, and really respected and supported all before and after him….!! Right now I’m really digging … Western World –  Sam Smith, Ed Sheran and Bruno Mars…such great inspirations! Eastern World – Jazzy B is on fire! Loving what Jazz Dhami has been doing, great vibe ! Manj Muzik and his Bollywood work catchy !! But I must say Kaur B and honestly all the ladies in the industry!! Such great and talented artists!! We need more ladies in this male dominated industry.”

Be sure to check out Luv’s new track #KichaaySelfieKuddi


@AMENREMINISCE – “I started making music just out of being involved as an engineer for so many years.  It was a natural progression for me but these days I’m mainly a mix engineer and a branding strategist for artists.  I worked some albums with your family Mr. Sangtar at Fiasco Brothers many years ago.  Making music was my way to experiment and give back to the culture. 

My inspirations are Bally Sagoo, Sahotas, Panjabi MC, Deepak Khazanchi, Rishi Rich.  I love all the original producers that put Bhangra music on the map and were able to take Bhangra music to the next evolution of it such as the likes of Rishi Rich. At the end of my career I don’t want people to remember who I am but I did for my culture.  I’ve represented the anti-norm, think outside the box mentality.  I play music that most DJ’s will never play at gigs or weddings.  I’ve always rooted for the underdog and forced people to think differently about why we do things as a culture and question their very existence. 

Bhangra is more than just a dhol beat on a record.  It’s our swagger, our food, our clothes, the music, the way we think and respect our culture.  I dare you to think different. At the moment I’m feeling Diljit Dosanjh as a brand.  He’s been able to accomplish so much and create an army of fans and a community that loves him.  Imran Khan, PBN also have been able to create a similar community with their fans.  I love artists that understand building a community and social engagement with your fans, is important”.

Make sure to check out Amen’s Photo track on Youtube, great tune.

HarLene is a versatile singer who sings a mix of Punjabi, Hindi and English. She developed her musical taste and interest at a very young age. Singing has always been HarLene’s biggest passion and she’s been singing ever since she could talk. HarLene has had extensive vocal training during her schooling years, as she was a part of the school choir where she performed at various shows and competitions. She loved being on stage at a young age.

HarLene’s musical influences growing up were Lata Mangeshkar, Alka Yagnik, Shreya Goshal, Sonu Nigam & Udit Narayan from the Bollywood scene. Artists from the western Pop scene she admired were Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera & Britney Spears.

HarLene is now focused on making her mark in the Punjabi music industry with an ambition for playback singing.

Fav song is Samjhawan by her fav artists Arijit Singh & Shreya Goshal.

Id like to thank all these great artists for the opportunity to interview them and get alittle look into their lives and share with all of you.

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