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Punjabi Movie: Jora 10 Numbaria by Amardeep Singh Gill

Jora 10 Numbaria Is Amardeep Singh Gill’s First Feature Film!

Amardeep Singh Gill made an announcement about his first ever feature film and it’s called Jora 10 Numbaria! He wrote, “I am making my life’s biggest announcement today. My dream project, my first ever feature film “Jora 10 Numbaria” is soon to be on floor! I need everyone’s support, god bless! Show your love to the hero of the film Deep Sidhu!”

Talking about the film, Amardeep Singh Gill, writer-director of Jora 10 Numbaria said, “The essence and storyline of this film can be summed up in a short sentence that – Politics is the last asylum for any criminal“. He also stated that he has been working on this subject since a long time and a lot has gone into preparing and scripting this story.

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