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Punjabi Movie: Im SarDaar Ji

Pardeep Singh and Panj Teer Records Presents Punjabi Short Movie Im Sardar ji Read the Review : Short & Sweet Film But Extremely Impactful!

It is always said that sometimes the smallest of sentences hold the strongest of meanings hidden inside them. Im Sardaar Ji is one such short movie which doesn’t preach but towards the end, it does leave back a message for you to carry for life.

Yet another exemplary project by Panj Teer Records, Im Sardaar Ji is sure to win many hearts with the simplicity with which it delivers a very impactful message to the youth who seem to have lost their direction.

This short movie as per the makers is – “showing that how now a days people are making use of our heroes like Shaheed Bhagat Singh and others. People often use their name for mere show off. Factually speaking, they have not adopted even a bit of their personality/character. So this movie shows that we just need to try and implement their character in actual life rather than showing off by using their name. So make them your role model rather then using them as mere pictures.”

A lot of times people show violence and extremism to project their disagreement to certain practices around them but with this record label named Panj Teer records, one thing is worth mentioning that these guys make projects with utter simplicity and the messages that their films deliver are projections made in the most subtle manner. I personally think that for making others understand your point of view, you ought to be soft and subtle rather than being violent and angry.

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