Ambarsariya Review: Diljit, Monica And Jaanu Steal The Show!

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Finally Diljit’s much awaited film Ambarsariya is out but it’s doing fine at the box office. Though this one didn’t get a record breaking box office collection on it’s opening day but I feel that it will gradually pick up!

Talking about the film, the first half could make you leave the hall but if in case you plan to stay back then you are certainly in for a surprise. The movie is so much better after the intermission and a person feels happy to have not left the theater after he starts watching the second half.

Ambarsariya is the story of a undercover RAW agent who disguises himself as an insurance agent to finally get his clutches on to the suspected criminals. These notorious ones actually want to kill the good man in the film – the CM of Punjab, an uncorrupt politician, played by Shivender Mahal.

Diljit Dosanjh is very natural when it comes to acting and off course the dialogue delivery, especially in his mother tongue Punjabi. I am not sure whether he would do as much justice to other languages but Punjabi – Bang On! He is the strongest character of the film who carries the entire consequence of Ambarsariya on his two shoulders and I am sure that he will be able to carry it off well. I am happy that there was no unwanted laughter added to Diljit’s character like his earlier movies, which sometimes gets on one’s nerves. As we all know, too much of everything is bad, Right?

If we take a look at the overall present scenario then all these actors are somehow a necessity in the Punjabi films made thesedays. No film is complete without either of them. Ambarsariya saw Gurpreet Ghuggi and Rana Ranbir as Manpreet the Hakeem and Manpreet the Bhangra Coach, respectively. Both have done a great job playing their parts. I specially have to mention the funny yoga scene where they rip off each other’s clothes over a silly fight.

I’ll keep mum for you guys to go ahead and watch it in the theatres but it’s a fact –  the storyline is unexpected. It seems to be a predictable one but trust me it’s not. At one point you may feel that you’ve cracked the code but tah daaaah new turn.

Gul does her role soberly but Monica stands out. Being her debut movie, she doesn’t fail to impress. Her looks and her acting are pretty decent, though I could see her struggling with the dance moves but that’s okay, as long as you are delivering an overall pleasant performance, a few oopses stand forgiven.

This little fellow does a brilliant job throughout the film. An applaudable performer with some unforgettable slangs. His dialogue delivery made every scene of his, worth a million bucks. Seeing his age, I feel that he has out done many from the industry with his performance in Ambarsariya. Kudos kid..way to go!

I fail to understand this one thing – Don’t people take auditions before finalising someone for a character? I don’t mean to be rude but guys, for godsake, stop stuffing everyone into the same bottle. Not every pageant winner is an actor and topping that bad acting was her awful voice. Haven’t you guys heard of dubbing artists? My humble suggestion to Navneet – Don’t try your hand at acting anymore because you are not an actor and that’s just okay, it’s normal. And also, if possible – please try wearing longer skirts to hide those knees! oops sorry :-/

We understand that you wanted to jumble things up for the audience but not at the cost of a character who is so unwanted and so bad at the role she’s been given! Lauren is an amazing dancer, she could have been given a better role but alas!

I can’t open up the surprise but hello?? The CM always has a lot of security around him so Diljit could have simply shouted out the name of the criminal in the last scene and those black commandos could have easily nabbed him. Rather he chose to go with the dialogue baazi and ultimately rely on the instinct of the one who was holding the gun. What if the gunner made the wrong choice? Thaaa…

Those who are from Amritsar and are purely going to watch the movie for the love of their city, please don’t disappoint yourself. Not much of Amritsar has been shown in the movie. Rather I thought I’d see Diljit somewhere in the Golden Temple but all I could see was an aerial shot of the Gurughar and that was also for direction purposes I guess.

Overall Ambarsariya Review : A decent film to watch but only if you stay till the end. Ambarsariya gives us a promising new comer Monica Gill and a charming fellow going strong with each passing day Diljit Dosanjh. Not to forget, the little treasure Jaanu.

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