Punjabi Movie: Shaheed Bhai Mewa Singh

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Aman Khatkar and Rana Ranbir, have announced yet another film together and this one will be based on the life of Shaheed Bhai Mewa Singh.

When asked Aman Khatkar about this news, he replied with a noddy, “Yes Ji” and that’s when the news stood officially confirmed!

Bhai Mewa Singh Ji arrived in Canada at a time when racism against non white immigrants was at its peak. a time when thousands of new Punjabi Sikh immigrants were coming to Canada looking for greener pastures and a better life. Like many Sikh pioneers, Bhai Mewa Singh was employed in the lumber industry and worked at Fraser mills.

In his historical statement to the court Bhai Mewa Singh Ji said:

“My religion does not teach me to bear enmity with anybody, nor had I any enmity with Mr. Hopkinson. He was oppressing poor people very much. I, being a staunch Sikh, could no longer bear to see the wrong done both to my countrymen and the Dominion of Canada. This is what led me to take Hopkinson’s life and sacrifice my own life. And I, performing the duty of a true Sikh and remembering the name of God, will proceed towards the scaffold with the same amount of pleasure as a hungry baby goes towards his mother.”

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