Punjabi Movie: Sardar Saab ft. Jackie Shroff And Juhi Chawla

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Jackie Shroff And Juhi Chawla Featuring Together In Sardar Saab!

The biggest news about Sardar Saab is that it will feature Juhi Chawla alongside Jackie Shroff and this pair have not worked together in a Punjabi movie ever before. It is being directed by Amit Prashar and the DOP of the movie is Navneet Missar.

A recent picture shared by Neetu showed that we will be seeing her playing the character of a police personnel along with the well known Punjabi actor Shivender Mahal.

We will also be seeing Gugu Gill, Sardar Sohi, Yaad Grewal and other popular faces from the Punjabi industry, in the movie.

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