Two Kids on the sets of Love Punjab: Manvir Johal & Sargun Mehta

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The trailer of ‘Love Punjab’ was absolutely loved by the audience across the nation. The Punjabi film stars the super-hit duo Amrinder Gill and Sargun Mehta, after their very successful pairing in Angrej.

The lead couple play parents to Manvir Johal, a 12 year old second generation Canadian Indian who is still coming to terms with his heritage and Indian roots. While Amrinder, a popular name in the Punjabi film industry, is a very responsible and matured person, was rather amused by the child-like traits of Sargun and continued to tease her about it. This is what Sargun had to say about it “Amrinder is more the serious-types. On the other hand, I am more chilled out on the sets and love to joke around. He kept teasing that there are two kids on the sets- Manvir & I. I don't actually mind that until and unless my work is on the right track.”

Sargun, who started off with small screen made her Punjabi debut with Angrej last year had struck the right chord with the audience with her strong performance. The trailer of her new film ‘Love Punjab’ was recently released has received an incredible response and the digital audience can’t stop raving about it. Shot in Canada and in a small village in Punjab, the film is slated to release on 11th of March

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