Punjabi Movie: Qissa Panjab

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Qissa Panjab, a story revolving around the lives of its six protagonists and how their life takes a significant turn as their stories intercross each others

Directed by Jatinder Mauhar

Music by Gurmoh

Screenplay & Dialogue by Uday Pratap Singh

Starring - Preet Bhullar, Kul Sidhu, Dheeraj Kumar, Jagjit Sandhu, Aman Dhaliwal, Harshjot Kaur

Arjun (Preet Bhullar) a young boy from a rich family who is into substance abuse.

Heera (Dheeraj Kumar) an aspiring singer, struggling to make his mark in the tough world of music.

Kismat (Kul Sidhu) an orchestra dancer who dreams of becoming a great actress one day.

Speed (Jagjit Sandhu) a chain snatcher living in a slum has only one mission in life- to make enough money to get a visa for Italy.

Deep (Aman Dhaliwal) is a basketball player, whose dream job is given to someone else.

Sukhjeet (Harshjot Kaur) is an innocent 20-22 year old girl who has lost her parents and is trying hard to complete her education.

The lives of these six characters, fighting their circumstances takes a significant turn when their stories inter-cross each others. The film then moves on to an unpredictable end.

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