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Amrinder Gill - Laazmi Dil Da Kho Jaana (Video)


Watch the video to Laazmi Dil Da Kho Jaana coming off the upcoming Punjabi film Goreyan Nu Daffa Karo, presented by Speed Records, Aman Khatkar & Arsara Films releasing worldwide 12 September 2014 featuring Amrinder Gill!

Song - Laazmi Dil Da Kho Jaana

Artist - Amrinder Gill

Lyrics - Kumaar

Music - Jatinder Shah

Music on - Speed Records

Synopsis: They say nothing can stop true love.... but they don't know Dadaji Najjar Singh (Yograj Singh). Dadaji harbors hostility towards the Caucasians (Whites) due to the history between the British and Indians.

Goreyan Nu Daffa Karo revolves around Najjar Singh’s worst nightmare - his Indian grandson Roop (Aman Khatkar) settled in Canada and marrying a Caucasian girl. Luckily for Roop, he's got his younger brother on his side. Kala (Amrinder Gill) is unsophisticated, spontaneous and clever and has a pendu style. He is the bridge between Dadaji and Roop. While torn between these two, he risks losing the love of his life. This hostility has gone on for generations in their family.

Kala, the younger grandson is a bridge between the gap of cultures and uses his cunning ways to keep everyone happy. Through his cunning ways Kala gets everyone to agree to the wedding and the family starts packing for the marriage ceremony that will take place in Canada. The comedy continues in Canada as Fuffard (Sardar Sohi), Jijja (Rana Ranbir), Chacha (Karmjit Anmol) and Mann Sahib (Binnu Dhillon) bring their desi style overseas.

Kala's love life with Amrit Maghera slowly starts developing but everything comes to a terrorizing halt once his lies have been uncovered. Their life falls apart and they risk losing everything including Grandfather.

Will Kala And Roop live happily after or suffer in sadness from their heartbreaks? Goreya Nu Dafa Karo is a crazy, zany story of bringing two cultures together with lots of love and laughter.