Punjabi Movie: 22G Tussi Ghaint Ho ft. JusReign and Rupan Bal!

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Get ready to see Comedy-duo Rupan Bal & Jus Reign with all time Favorite comedy king ‘Bhagwant Mann‘ in the upcoming movie titled ”22 G Tussi Ghaint Ho” which is due to be releasing 11th December 2015!

Years after this Canadian-Punjabi Indian duo started creating videos of their comic acts and uploading on YouTube, JusReign and Rupan Bal have grabbed eyeballs of those who matter in this industry!

While Rupan has already made his acting debut with Harbhajan Mann's Punjabi film Hanni, this time around his friend JusReign is also off to a start.  JusReign became a popular YouTuber, while coaxing his friend Rupan to test his skills in the Punjabi industry back home in India. As luck would have it, now the two have been cast together in an underproduction Punjabi film, 22G Tussi Ghaint Ho! .

JusReign quotes "The role was little bit of me, where I play a Canadian. It allowed me to explain myself and my North American style of humour.  I always tried to promote my roots, keeping my beard and turban on and have used comedy to break the discrimination abroad. I wanted to recreate something new, innovative and different for the people here, with my kind of humour."

Since he is particular about not bending his personal rules just to 'fit in', Jus is open to directing his own projects. "If I don't find anything here that suits my comic timing," he adds, "I am very picky. I do comedy for the art form than doing it for the money, I like to add value. Like good music is cherished till long after, I want to create humour that will be remembered till much later."

Referring to his style as "more situational, sarcastic, having depth," Jus sees hope on the Indian media horizon. "Though I think the change from slapstick to profound humour hasn't happened in India yet, I see it starting with YouTube."

Though Jus doesn't subscribe to most of surging Indian TV comedy, he adds, "I like Kapil Sharma, his humour is very snappy. I would like to be on his show someday, even if I may not get all the jokes all the time because of the culture barrier."

Currently working on a comedy album slated for a commercial release, Jus is also toying with the idea of making his own Bollywood film to sample his style of humour here. And to quell any scepticism about takers for his comic timing, Jus says, "Shah Rukh Khan's kids watch YouTube and they watch us..."

 Making his debut in Punjabi feature films, the director of 22G Tussi Ghaint Ho!, which also stars Bhagwant Mann, Vishal Prashar is a new age kid on the directorial block.

 "I had been following JusReign since two years now. So, when I thought of making a comedy, I had to cast them," he says.

Defending his take on making yet another comedy amidst the clutter of gags, Vishal says, "This film offers new kind of humour in Punjabi industry. It is intelligent humour. The story is by Bhagwant Mann and he is known for intelligent comedy. Unlike stereotypical comedy, ours isn't a drag and it doesn't overlap things. So, it's like a chaat- a mixture."

The film also casts Upasna Singh. "She is doing pretty well right now, courtesy Kapil's show. While Bhagwant saab is very big abroad, and the social media too has got him covered."

Source/Credit - Times Of India

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