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Punjabi Movie: Punjab 1984 ft Diljit Dosanjh (Out 27th June)

1984 Punjab is the upcoming movie by Diljit Dosanjh - Set to hit the big screen 27th June 2014!

Described by Diljit Dosanjh as his 'dream project' the movie once again brings together Diljit Dosanjh with director Anurag Singh & Gunbir Singh Sandhu, the trio whom worked on the record breaking Jatt & Juliet series.

Near the holy city of Amritsar, barely a kilometer from the Indo-Pak border, a small village stands like an orphaned child scared of the world around him. The village is called Narli. Every morning, at day break, a lonely old woman leaves her house and travels all the way to the distant town of Bhikhiwind. Once there, she spends the whole day just sitting quietly outside the main police station. She has been following this routine for every single day of the last one year.

Her name is Satwant Kaur and she is searching for her son who went out to work in the fields one day and never returned. Her search takes her on a journey across many villages and towns as she tries to discover her son's fate. It is a journey full of pain, sadness, hope and tragedy. It is a journey that so many mothers across Punjab have undertaken.

It is the journey of all of us. It is the journey of Punjab and eventually, it is the journey of all humanity.