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Punjabi Movie - Love Yoou Soniye (Music Rishi Rich)

Love Yoou Soniye brings a touch of Bollywood magic to Punjabi cinema - Prepare to fall in love with the most charming Punjabi film offering of the festive season, as delightful screen gem, Love Yoou Soniye, releases in cinemas on 6th December, extending B4U's foray into regional, Punjabi cinema.

A feelgood Punjabi film that draws from Bollywood sensibilities and filmatic techniques, Love Yoou Soniye is an effervescent, youth centric rom-com directed by Sahil Kohli, with romance at its core and comedy to drive it. It will undoubtedly make for the perfect holiday season treat for the whole family and audiences will leave theatres with hearts glowing, faces beaming and a tune on their lips.

The first film to bring a touch of Bollywood magic to the regional, Punjabi film industry, Love Yoou Soniye is a college-set film for the young at heart, featuring a cast and crew from B-town and a standout musical score by international music composers with a global following, now making their musical debut in Punjabi cinema. Love Yoou Soniye is the first crossover Punjabi film which aims to attract not only existing Punjabi film fans and aficionados but also reach out to lovers of mainstream Indian cinema.

Introducing the dashing Karanvir Bohra, demure starlet Teejay Sidhu and the loveable Raghu Ram in leading roles, the finest of India's new generation of talent is supported by a stellar cast featuring Vindu Dara Singh, Upasna Singh, Shivendra Mahal, Hiten Paintal, Harry Anand, Tanya Abrol and Manrina Rekhi among others, with a special appearance by Manav Gohil.

International music maestros Rishi Rich, Juggy D, Ishq Bector, Shree D and Harry Anand have crafted one of the most hypnotic soundtracks of recent times, which is sure to dominate the airwaves for years to come. 14 artists in totality will be making their debut in the Punjabi regional space in Love Yoou Soniye.

Says actor and producer Karanvir Bohra, "The film is all about love and relationships – the shoot itself started on 14th of February (Valentine's Day). This film was made for my wife Teejay Sidhu."


Love Yoou Soniye tells the beautiful story of 'Karanvir' and 'Loveleen'. Loveleen is the daughter of business tycoon 'Kewal Sidhu' from Chandigarh. Karanvir, on the other hand, is a modest young man who has been brought up by his elder brother 'Mahendar Gill' since their parents' demise.

From entering college, Loveleen has shared a love-hate relationship with Karanvir – she basically loves to hate him! They leave no stone unturned when it comes to outdoing each other, but their long-term battle of the sexes inevitably takes them through a series of sweet twists and turns until they finally fall for each other. Loveleen soon asks Karanvir to meet her family, but the very next day his brother

Mahendar unknowingly gets into a heated argument with Kewal, Loveleen's father. On reaching Loveleen's house on the day of meeting, a showdown takes place between Kewal, Mahendar and Karanvir. How Karanvir works at winning over Loveleen's family, with a major twist in the climax, forms the basis of the plot of this fun-filled, entertaining yet emotional film.

Prepare to lose your hearts when Love Yoou Soniye arrives in cinemas on 6th December, distributed in the UK by B4U.