Punjabi Movie: Romeo Ranjha ft Jazzy B & Garry Sandhu

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Romeo Ranjha is a brand new Punjabi movie set to release May 16th starring Garry Sandhu & Jazzy B, read the storyline here!

Jazzy B as Rambo
Garry Sandhu as Ranjha
Parul Gulati
Amannn Grewal
Monica Bedi
Rana Ranbir
Yograj Singh
Rana Jung Bahadur
Sangha Jagir
Producers - Gunbir Singh Sidhu & Manmord Sidhu
Co Produced By - Hansraj Railhan
Director Navaniat Singh
Story & Screen Play - Dheeraj Ratan
Action Director. Allan Amin
DOP. Harmeet Singh
Music Director. Jatinder Shah
Coreographer. Mehul Gadani
Editor – Manish More


Rambo and Ranjha both from Punjab went to Thailand to fulfill their dreams. One day accidentally they met each other and got very excited to know that they were both from Punjab and become good friends and lived together. While working hard, having fun they managed to make loads of money!

In the mean time, Ranjha falls in love with a girl named Preet who runs a refugee camp with the help of her uncle. Preet introduces Ranjha to him and he placed the condition that he can marry Preet only if he can 'place a huge charity for the refugees'. Ranjha wants to marry Preet so he took money that him and Rambo had earned together!

Rambo found out about the missing money and went to find him and when he did, asked about the money and when Ranjha tells him what had happened, he told him he too got cheated by Preet and her uncle!

They both start searching for them and come to know that Preet and her Uncle are in Punjab, they both take the flights to Punjab! Rest you have to watch!!

Film was shoot in Thailand and India.


Sukhpreet Muhar
+1 #17 Don't Waste your timeSukhpreet Muhar 2014-12-09 04:41
Direction is awful along with the acting. The script is extremely
weak. The action scenes are a major headache and
make you wonder, what the director was thinking when making this movie? The movie is full of flaws, why did not Reet Kaur shoot Romeo and Ranjha when they were escaping after stealing the diamond? Mrs. Mittal says she knew in the first place that Punjab Police couldn't take care of the diamond, why did then she agree to give it to them. And what was the occasion of bringing the diamond to India in the first place? There were no dignitaries present at the function. The Police force was only present at the function, if the diamond was so important, why were there no policemen outside to guard the place. Listen to this dialogue of Yograj Singh " Main tuahno aisi maut maranga ke 7 pustan yaad rakhan giyan". Well if you are going to kill them, how will their 7 generations remember?
-1 #16 Romeo RanjaM.B 2014-05-31 21:38
God Bless this Movie.
Jyoti Sharma
+6 #15 Romeo RanjhaJyoti Sharma 2014-05-16 06:49
Awesome movie .. Garry Sandhu and jazzy b looking awesome good action movie .. lovely concept . super hit movie
+13 #14 RE: Punjabi Movie: Rambo Ranjha ft Jazzy B & Garry SandhuGN 2014-04-01 07:04
Forget the movie, the acting, the singing. Is it just me, or does it look like a 10 year old wrote the description for the movie? They made it seem even more dull than it already is LOL
0 #13 RE: Punjabi Movie: Rambo Ranjha ft Jazzy B & Garry Sandhuxbase 2014-03-31 13:42
Absolute pathetic....... .No quality control.....Ano ther reason why i don't watch punjabi movies anymore.......m aybe these Goons and other So called acotors like Daljit, Gippy, etc should try watching True Punjabi movie stars like Guggu Gill,Yograj singh, Dara singh, Veerendra, Mehar mittal, Raj babbar, and others......
truth hurts
-5 #12 RE: Punjabi Movie: Rambo Ranjha ft Jazzy B & Garry Sandhutruth hurts 2014-03-31 10:57
Absolute gandh what tom and jerry movies made for the vehlee janta in punjab. So pathetic rape a business model that is going nowhere. Property dealers are investing in films hoping for quick returns, hence so many films being made. Poor acting, Jazzy B cannot act, god knows what Garry Sandhu will have in store for us. Jatinder Shah same old music again. It really lacks originality, imagination.
kaur Gurjit
+2 #11 about garry sandhukaur Gurjit 2014-03-29 13:54
Best of luck garry.all wishes for you.assi tuhadi movie
Da bdi bysbri naal kr rhy haa.keep it up
Garry.i love you very much........
+2 #10 RE: Punjabi Movie: Rambo Ranjha ft Jazzy B & Garry Sandhubhanokhiwala 2014-02-11 16:27
Another tuttee movie
-1 #9 RE: Punjabi Movie: Rambo Ranjha ft Jazzy B & Garry SandhuFatehh 2014-01-09 13:41
Jokes apart, im glad to see Garry sandhu finally get someone other than that clown Rupin Kahlon to do his music.

jatinder shah should do him good.
0 #8 RE: Punjabi Movie: Rambo Ranjha ft Jazzy B & Garry SandhuFatehh 2014-01-09 13:38
Quoting Amy Singh:
All disliker are mother[censored]er Garry bhai is great

and all liker are asshole [censored]er... you baaaaaaastard 22g
Amy Singh
0 #7 Garry is greatAmy Singh 2014-01-09 06:36
All disliker are mother[censored ]er Garry bhai is great
+9 #6 RE: Punjabi Movie: Rambo Ranjha ft Jazzy B & Garry Sandhuchinajatt 2014-01-01 09:54
go garry cant wait to see this movie

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