Punjabi Movie: Jatt Boys Putt Jattan De

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Watch the theatrical trailer of Jatt Boys Putt Jattan De, releasing on the Speed Records Label - Introducing: Sippy Gill, Isha Rikhi.


The Movie story is based on A Generation Gap. This Movie tries to break the gap, keeping the old and new generation intact with there emotions and with there roots. City life and rural life intact.

This movie is not revolving around Jatt Story / Revenge. This movie kept the cast away. The movie sured Jatts are not the only cast who are farmers and these Jatts have one dialogue in common, if they don’t speak with each other, they don’t either fight with each other.

In the movie they have sured old culture songs and also new today generation songs. Overall it’s a completely family movie and it contains Romance, Comedy and Bollywood Action.

It’s a movie specially made to entertain young generation and old generation.


Sippy Gill – Sanwal Gill

Aman Dhaliwal – Waris Brar

Om Puri – Jora Vailly ( Sippy's father)

Guggu Gill – Shinda Vailly (Aman Dhaliwal's Father)

Muhammad Sadiq – Jassa (Jolly's Father)

Sardar Sohi - Harnama ( Isha's father )

Rahul Dev – Bhola Vailly

Jaswinder Bhalla – Prof. Parwana

Karamjit Anmol – Katta

Prince KJ singh – Jolly

Isha Rikhi – Seears

Sunny Sharma – Parteek

Nisha Bano – Banno

Balraj Syal – Mukki

Harinder Bhullar - Peon

Sukhdev Sukha - Sukha

Razia Sukhbir – Madam Shamah

Daljit Kaur - Wadhi maa (Sippy's Mother)

Mandeep Kaur - Shoti Maa (Sippy's Mother)

Satwant Kaur - (Aman Dhawaliwal's Mother )

Madem Renu - (Isha's Mother)

Sohaj Brar – Khushi (Canteen Wali Aunty)

Gurinder Makna – Balli Baba


Produced by – Sukhbir Sandhar

Directed  by – Simranjit Singh Hundal

Story, Screenplay, Dialogues – Prince Kawaljit singh

Line Producer – Harvinderjeet Sandha

Cinematographer - Akashdeep Pandey

Action Master- K. Ganesh Kumar (SIRUTHAL-Tamil Roudy Routher Fame)

Choreographer - Jeet Singh

Art Director - Amarjot singh lucky

Associate Director - Sukhbir Singh & Amrit Chadha

Production - Sukhbir Sandhar Films Pvt. Ltd.

Label - Speed Records

Release Date : 23 August 2013



+2 #7 Realist. 2013-08-28 21:23
Dissapointed to see Tru Skool go against what he preached when he first came into the industry...over time the lure of money has lead him to undertake projects which i did not believe he would do so based on how he entered the industry (fair enough everyone needs to put food on the table)...

However, hes still one of the best producers around, and releasing top top songs and producing great artists, its just a shame he works with fakes like Diljit and associates with these wack punjabi movies which instead of making us proud to be punjabi and sikh do the opposite and take the piss for 90% of the movie
0 #6 standaradly 2013-08-08 19:02
film looks shyt
-1 #5 JOSHIV 2013-08-08 16:03
Quoting Guggugill:
The new pjd song is shit!

only a fudhu thinks its good enough to compare to original

-1 #4 Guggugill 2013-08-08 11:33
The new pjd song is shit!

only a fudhu thinks its good enough to compare to original
Sonica Sharma
-5 #3 Sonica Sharma 2013-08-02 12:07
nice movie with all jatts ?
Richa Bid
-3 #2 Richa Bid 2013-08-02 11:40
awsm movie ..And Very Nice Trailer
-1 #1 realistic 2013-07-31 20:16
yehhh another remake!!!

JUST what we needed.

at least they're not touching the original soundtrack!

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