Jatt & Juliet 2 takes the international Box Office by storm!

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Jatt & Juliet 2 takes the international Box Office by storm!

The family entertainer sets a new benchmark in the UK and Rest of the World, breaking all Box Office opening records for Punjabi cinema

Setting a whole new precedent for Punjabi films in the UK and worldwide, the highly anticipated Jatt & Juliet 2 had a staggering Opening Weekend at the Box Office, not only in India but across the globe. The family entertainer has broken previous Box Office records for a Punjabi film in several key international territories, proving itself a Box Office smash hit that has fast surpassed the runaway success of the first instalment.

Further cementing the Punjabi industry's status worldwide, in the UK, Jatt & Juliet 2, presented in this territory by Tip Top Entertainment, took an unprecedented £83,000 across 13 locations - one of the biggest openings in the history of Punjabi Cinema; US and Canada took $389,000 across 34 locations; Australia took $245,000; New Zealand took $40,000; while domestically, India collected 4 Crores 60 lakhs.

Furthermore, it was Number 2 in the Top 10 UK Charts in terms of Print Average, directly following Despicable Me 2 in the Number 1 position – a benchmark achievement for a Punjabi film at the UK Box Office.

Director Anurag Singh presents another Box Office chart-topper in what has become Punjabi cinema's most adulated franchise, as Jatt & Juliet 2 reunites the Punjabi industry’s most loved screen-couple, Diljit Dosanjh and Neeru Bajwa, as they create movie magic once again, on the shores of Canada. Supporting them on screen is a colourful supporting cast including Rana Jung Bahadaur, Jaswinder Bhalla, Amrit Bhilla, Devinder Dillon, Julia Fox, Brad Harder, Jacob Insley and Hitesh Jogia.

A family entertainer and the must-see, feelgood film this summer, Jatt & Juliet 2 takes audiences on a laugh-out-loud journey filled with punchy one-liners, quick-witted comebacks and comic gold moments .

Jatt & Juliet 2 is in cinemas now, produced by White Hill Productions and presented by Tip Top Entertainment in the UK



fateh singh
+2 #2 fateh singh 2013-07-02 19:41
no offence but you need toapply that mssg to every single artist who has ever released a dharmik song and then went and done commercial music.

diljit is the most versatile actor punjabi cinema has had for ages i support him
-4 #1 Realist, 2013-07-02 17:06
Call me a 'hater' but it annoys me how movies like this do well and how Diljit is able to change his message de[censored]dan t on who hes aiming moment he says be proud of your roots and your turban on the other in his movies those people who he bigs up in his music and dharmic stuff are the ones being ridiculed for being simple minded or he straight up takes the piss out of the turban wearing bhapa at any opportunity (im guessing that appeals to the punjabi-jatt community as they like to belittle those of a different 'caste')

I dont understand how people are able to claim that the Jatt & Juliet movies are amazing and the best punjabi movie ever when its actually boring, generic and hypocritical! (in my opinion)

On a side note: Im a 'jatt' and so i know for a fact that the only reason they have the afgan/ delhi singhs in the movie is so that we can take the piss out of can you tell Bollywood to stop taking the piss out of Singhs when you do it yourself in Punjabi cinema

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