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Aujla Innovations presents AAB ft. Jasbir Jassi

Aujla Innovations Inc. a Canadian Production - AAB (meaning “Water”) is story of awakening, Starring renowned Punjabi Singer/Actor Jasbir Jassi in an unique role and versatile Singer/Actress Amar Noori, Music by Sardool Sikander.


Human-kind has been using natural resources for their own benefits; some of these benefits end-up harming natural resources. When nature strikes back…imagine the results.

Starring renowned Punjabi Singer/Actor Jasbir Jassi in an unique role, versatile Singer/Actress Amar Noori, young star Raj, and stunning visual effects created by CrazyCub Animations Studios.

Also Sardool Sikander has sung a song (Song is based on Kulwant Singh Grewal’s Mahiya, written by Mandeep S Aujla and Sardool Sikander) coming soon.

Writer/Producer/Director ; Mandeep Singh Aujla Executive Producer: Jasvir K. Aujla

Music Director: Sardool Sikander , VFX Supervisor : Kamal Pahuja,

Assistant Director : Sachinder Singh Pali

Director of Photography : Dushyant Dubey

VFX by CrazyCub Animation @VFX Team & Crew Members

Back Story - Our daughter Sharina (13 years) has inspired me to write this story, and we are so glad that we were able to produce this film in both live and animation story telling form.